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A 12-year-old boy is preparing to have a sex change operation after returning to school following the summer break as a girl, it was revealed today.

The boy, who has now had his name changed to a girl’s by deed poll, arrived at school in a dress and pigtails. 

Teachers had to call an emergency assembly to explain the transformation to confused pupils and tell them they must now treat the child as a girl.

‘We are committed to ensuring the best for our child. We are working with other agencies to ensure our child’s welfare is protected,’ his mother told the Sun.

But other parents reacted angrily and said the head teacher should have warned them before the school’s announcement to their children.

‘They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents,’ one mother said.

‘Maybe we could have explained sexual politics and encouraged our kids to be more sensitive if we’d had a chance to be involved.’

Teachers then decided to step in and warn them of disciplinary action if they did not treat him as a girl.

During the special assembly, some confused pupils burst into tears. The sex swap child was not there and has not been at school since the announcement was made.

His family have also been threatened and are now under police protection. The school insist the child will return to class but not while there is any risk to his safety. Continue Reading….

This hasn’t been handled well at all!

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  1. The issue is not sexual politics, but ACCEPTANCE and TOLLERANCE to difference. Teach the children that. Sad story 4 a 12 year old.:-(

  2. This is what should be expected from the government training camps that were before called schools. They are already teaching young children how to group masturbate in classes, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. This kind of business should not be exposed to impressionable young children. The schools are nothing but indoctrinational day centers now. Children are being turned into different creatures who are in turn turning against their parents in obedience to the corrupt and criminal state. Home schooling is the way forward.

  3. We live in an unaccepting world where you cannot afford to be different, in colour, hair, size, sex. Bullying and discrimination is the order of the day.

    I sympathise with this child, the parents should have seen this coming.

    Home schooling creates allienation. We need to learn how to live together whether we like each other or not. It’s not difficult to reinforce proper education if the powers that be and parents work hand in hand.

  4. Home schooling creates sound children who are not indoctrinated by government programming. Children are answerable to the parents, not to the system. Governments have got nothing to do with education and the welfare of children. This is the kind of crap to expect when they do get involved. We also live in a world with no standards either.

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