Lil Wayne and Drake perform at the BET Awards.

Photograph: WireImage

What made them think that this slackness would be seen as acceptable?

Via Allhiphop

BET has expressed remorse over a performance by Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Money Records that involved underage girls during songs “Best I Ever Had” and “Every Girl.” The songs, which have overt sexual references, were performed during the Sunday BET Awards ’09 show as a bevy of young girls danced on stage. The group of girls consisted of Lil Wayne’s daughters and her friends. In an exclusive statement, BET has responded to the criticism and the public outcry over the segment. “BET Networks deeply regrets the performance by Young Money at the BET AWARDS ’09 (featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine),” a BET representative told exclusively. “Elements of the performance were unplanned and should not have happened.” In the aftermath of the show, many have expressed outrage over the outing by Young Money, which was set amid a show dedicated to the late Michael Jackson.

Seriously how could they all excercise such poor judgement???

Actually I believe that Drake hated the idea. He looks like he might have some common sense. But he just went a long with it to please that brainless drugged out gargoyle and that big old idiot Baby.  

Click here to watch performance.

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  1. there is simply NO ultimate depth we can reach with these is an infinite descent…

  2. I agree with BET in this case. They shouldn’t be having women under 18 on stage like that on a national preformance. It makes women treat themsleves worse as a sub-culture and it generally makes Urban culture look bad, and Lil’ Wyane and Drake look like pervs and idoits. Which is sad for both, since they produce such good music and write some good rap songs. But to show that is the kind of women they want and to have it as a “standard” expectation for their shows is wrong and just messed up.

  3. So I actually heard this track over the weekend, it’s catchy, and while day dreaming listening to it, had me thinking, who was the best I ever had, anyway, *MESSAGE – moving on* … I think this track is aimed at thier [THE YOUNG GIRLS] age group, 12 upwards teeny boppers, more culture creating and mind bending etc, causing young boys and girls to think about doing ‘IT’ more, even more then they are alreadly, jheeze!, not cool!

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