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Police wodeere today hunting a rapist who attacked a teenager after dropping down from the ceiling of a nightclub toilet.

The suspect, named by police as Adebayo Omokayode Awosabya, 41, had been lurking in roof space at the Amika nightclub in Kensington.

He watched through a grille until the 19-year-old victim entered the toilet cubicle, before leaping down on top of her and tearing off her clothes. He told the girl: “It’s OK,” before sexually assaulting her.

A source said: “What happened was like something out of a horror movie.”

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Awosabya is described as approximately 5ft 6ins tall and of small build. Anyone with information should call the Kensington and Chelsea Sapphire Unit, which investigates sexual assault crimes, on 020 8246 4014 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

This news story really upset me today.

This is such a depraved and sick act.

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  1. This is shocking!
    How the man got in the ceiling like that, and what possessed him to do such a thing, only God knows!

    You’re not safe anywhere these days.

    Soon we’ll have to have bouncers in the toilets of nightclubs it seem. SMH

  2. Its horrible.

    I am surprised that he was able to do this though without being caught/heard. The venue must have been practically empty at this point. Nightclub ladies rooms are always packed, sometimes you have to wait 10/15 mins for a cubical to become free. and those clubs always have a female toilet attendent sitting down by the sink…

  3. omg, this is really scary!

    smh at the level of time and effort this guy put into doing this.

  4. Now women have to have guards in the loo as well on nights out? As if walking out on the streets is not scary enough. Or being abused in their own homes is not bad enough. smh

    I guess he planned and practised. Sick. He is so sick that he told the girl, “IT’S OK”.

    I hope to God they get him and castrate him.

  5. That’s what really kills me – “It’s OK”. Lurking in the bloody ceiling! You left your country to become a spiderman rapist? I hope he gets caught.

  6. How on earth, this was allowed to happen in an establishment is beyond me.
    So now a woman can’t even go to the toilet, without the fear that some dirty c*nt of a rapist could be lingering in ceilings and sh!t!
    They need to catch this fcuker real quick! For somebody to go that far in order to carry out such a heinous crime, it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s done it before. Pop pop pop in a dirty bwoy head!

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