Police say Steven Bigby was stabbed after a drink was thrown

Two teenagers have been arrested by police investigating the fatal stabbing of a man in London’s West End.

Steven Bigby, 22, was stabbed in the chest soon after leaving a McDonald’s restaurant on Oxford Street with friends on Monday afternoon.

Detectives arrested two men aged 18 and 19 in connection with the killing.

Police said Mr Bigby died after two groups clashed in a “spontaneous incident”. A knife has been recovered from the scene.

A post-mortem examination showed the victim died from a single stab wound to the heart…

Bigby had been charged in January, along with nine others, over the rape of a girl at a house in Tottenham. She suffered terrible burns from the drain cleaning fluid and at one point it was feared she would die.

Bigby – a member of the north London gang Tugs From Around – was tagged after being freed on bail last week to await trial.

Detectives say they believe the attack in Oxford Street was a “spontaneous” incident sparked after Bigby threw a cup of water over four men outside the McDonald’s.

However, they are also investigating the possibility that he was targeted by a rival gang in retaliation for the rape or the gang attack.

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I remember reading about the heinous rape attack earlier this year…. I have no words…… 😦

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  1. So it turns out that this ‘victim’ was out on bail awaiting the trial of a Gang Rape of which he was alledged to have been one of 10 youths that beat and raped a 16 year old girl – before pouring caustic soda on her to burn away DNA evidence – in a seperate charge he was also accused of being involved with a fight in which a knife was used – by him.

    Live by the sword die by it – it’s not justice but it certainly highlights that there might have been something more to this incident than meets the eye.

  2. I despair !!! I really do. The situation with these kids is so helpless.

    Latest I hear are that the popo are going to step up ‘stop and search’.
    I have no faith in the popo either, they are just as bad.

    The whole youth/stabbing thing is just too sad.

  3. Sounds like we’re better off without that scum on the streets. Shame we can’t just round up all the guys like him and let them stab each other to death. No waste, just a shame the taxpayer will have to pay for an inquest.

  4. just because the poor dead guy was on bail does not mean he will be found guilty of the alleged rape charge! somp people dont think hard enough b4 jumping into conclusion. People get bailed daily with no further actions taken towards them whilst some people face charges and trial and get acquited. This means no one has the right to tarnish peoples name especially the police until conviction! R.I.P.

  5. Well they are black. I think they should all be deported back to Africa. Then we might get some peace.

  6. It wasn’t jsut the Rape he was awaiting trail for – there was a seperate knife attack – there isn’t usualy smoke without fire.

    But I suppose it will all come out in the wash – I imagine the other 9 up for the same gang rape (and just stop and think about that for one moment – 10 blokes and one 16 year old girl, makes you sick) will blame the dearly departed for it all so they will then be out to wander the streets.

    The streets where I live in Hackney – oh Joy.

    I’m all for stop and search, if you have nothing to hide it really isn’t an issue. The same with knife arc’s in tube stations or security guards on night busses? – what’s the problem if your not carrying a knife?

  7. 10 blokes and one 16 year old girl….. doesn’t even bare thinking about….

    Stop and search..tricky one… it will be a problem if they just search every single black man (this includes pensioners)/boy that crosses their path.

    But I’m aware that the majority of knife crimes involve misguided dumb young black males, and something needs to be done with a quickness!

  8. A Londoner says – I’m all for stop and search, if you have nothing to hide it really isn’t an issue.

    Tell that to the thousands of innocent black people, myself included who have been stopped & searched for no apparent reason. If you question what is happening you are humiliated, some of us even end up DEAD….
    whilst being choked and sprayed with CS gas. CHECK THE STATISTICS !

    It really isn’t that simple to say, ” if you have nothing to hide, it really isn’t an issue “. Whilst I am desperate for an end to this mindless/vulgar loss of life, as is everyone else. The po po’s history in dealing with stop and search, tells me that this is not a good idea.

  9. To Rahul Singh – If we put your theory to all cultures, then for the
    NARROW MINDED NUT CASES that think it’s right in this day and age to perform an honour killing, ( for which thousands of women are tortured and killed ),………. …shalll we send them all back to Asia….

    Arsehole !!!

  10. Sorry I’m not done yet….

    Don’t even get me started on f–kin suicide bombers !!! People in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. If you are going to group all black people in a box, then right back at ya……smucccccccccccch !!!

  11. He was bailed in 2006 for a stabbing, and was awaiting trial for the gang rape of a 16 year old girl. That’s all we the public know about, I wonder what else there might be.

    What goes around comes around. One less disgusting individual on the streets

  12. until the guy gets sentenced to rape then u can chat shit about rape. ten guys on one girl. just remember that guy must have wanated it to for her to be around 10 guys. shes dunb for being around 10 guys that she dont know. shes just as guilty as him if he did it.

  13. yj ays – shes dumb for being around 10 guys that she dont know. shes just as guilty as him if he did it.

    I am guessing you fell over and severly banged your head on concrete, losing all your common and moral sense.

    As Ty says – JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL !!!

  14. Rahul Sing’s remark is harsh and extreme, but in the same way politicians will not admit that so many of these perpetrators (and victims) are scum, they will not acknowledge the role of the black population in contributing to this knife epidemic.

    Crime would be far less evident if we only had an indigenous population. Not a request or a wish – just a fact and an observation.

  15. Lance, youre an idiot. White people account for more crime than blacks do, without blacks the problem of crime would still exist.

    Rahul Singh you need to get an education, simple.

    To this Steven Bigby guy, he can burn in hell.

  16. I think the term is “presummed innocent”, and the rape victim although 16 had a mental age of 9. I am black ,educated and brought up on a very rough council estate, and all for stop and search. That poor girl nearly died and although he wasn’t convicted we all know he did it.

    Thugs like don’t deserve mentioning.

    There are lots of opertunities out there, a black president. And most black people still want to live in the gutter and bring shame on our race.

    I mean why call the police the po po?

    Are 10.

  17. he is not a rapist he has a younger sister an i kno him an kno he is not a rapist may he rip an thoughtg r wiv his faimly unless u knew him dont judge him!!!!

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