Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has received a three year prison sentence for tax offences.

A federal judge handed down the maximum term requested by prosecutors – one year for each of Snipes’ convictions of wilfully failing to file a tax return.

Snipes’ lawyers had called for leniency, arguing that the offences were misdemeanours and that the star was of good character.

But prosecutors said an example should be set because of Snipes’ fame.

In February, Snipes was found guilty of deliberately failing to file tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001, but was cleared of more serious fraud and conspiracy charges. Continue reading

SMH……. Let this be a lesson folks! Do NOT try to get one over on the government by opting to not pay your taxes. You will lose in the end. 


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  1. I don’t understand why a high profile actor could be so naive or just greedy.

    Is three years too harsh ? I suppose it depends on the sums of money that were not declared and no doubt due to his celebrity status, he is being made an example of . Oh well lesson learnt.

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