Jocelyn Jee Esien -‘Little Miss Jocelyn’ BBC2 Thursday nights, 9.30pm

Comedian/actress Jocelyn Jee Esien is the brains behind the hit comedy sketch show ‘Little Miss Jocelyn’ which first aired in 2006.

During the first season the reviews were good and people raved about Jocelyn’s comedic timing and her many character creations, which included:

Fiona – A woman who works in an office where the other staff members are Caucasian, and she is convinced that no one knows she is black, and goes to all sorts of lengths to keep it quiet. Fiona believes that her “secret” will be compromised due to the presence of another black person in the office, and believes that every word that comes out of that person’s mouth is related to a Black stereotype, when in fact this is rarely the case.

Paulette – Is a sophisticated upper class business woman but when she is refused something, she will resort to acting like a child, crying and throwing a tantrum until she gets what she wants.

Gladys Kingston – A 40 year old Jamaican woman who is portrayed to fit the Jamaican stereotype. She speaks and cusses people in patois, and has an unhealthy dislike for men, which developed after her husband left her for a younger woman.

Sheson – A bus driver that speaks with a Cockney/Nigerian accent. She sings hymns when driving; strongly enforces the rule that says passengers mustn’t speak to the driver while the bus is in motion; and refuses to help passengers, often saying that she isn’t an A to Z. Sheson also claims that she’s lived in London for a year, and that she learnt English in a pub.

I managed to catch one episode from the first season but in all honesty found it a bit hit and miss (well more miss than hit) and never made the effort to watch future episodes after that. However I have since been told that I should have hung in there because that season was apparently very funny.

Anyway Miss Jocelyn returned for its second season on Thursday night and from what I saw was very funny, HOWEVER one particular character left me feeling a little uneasy and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…


Jocelyn has introduced a new character to the line up called ‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’.  Now I hoped that the sketches featuring this new character would be available to view via You Tube, but unfortunately they haven’t been uploaded on to the site yet, so you will have to make do with this brief description (from memory) for now….


‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’ is a tribeswoman hailing from the darkest depths of Africa, who the Prince met during a diplomatic mission. She has tribal scars on her face, a piercing going through her nose,  walks around with a spear in one hand, makes loud animal sounds, has long dirty toe nails, her teeth are shaped like sharp knives and she is dressed in animal print clothing….


In one scene the character prowls around a packed beach in front of unsuspecting members of the public (predominately Caucasian) and starts making loud animal noises while holding a spear – basically acting like a wild beast hunting its prey….


I know that this is a comedy sketch show, not to be taken seriously, but there is something about this character that screams – SO WRONG!!!


The behaviour and look of the character reminded me of those cartoons that were made back in the 1920s/1930s which depicted black people as being hungry, unruly savages, with bones through our noses.  


I do think that Jocelyn is a very talented lady and we definitely need more women like her headlining their own shows on British television, but ‘Prince William’s new girlfriend’ has forced me to give her the side eye treatment.


I would like to know what she was thinking when she decided to depict this character in such a manner. Was it her idea, and if so, why was it encouraged, because with this character she is edging dangerously close into coon territory!  


(Note: Prince William’s new girlfriend sketch is near the end)

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  1. I agree Joycelyn is very talented and I am really pleased she is in the second season of her show. I really champion her for this achievement as many of her comedy partners have left Britain to tour/live in other countries to showcase their work.

    The show however borders on desperate and is OTT. I cringe when watching some of the characters. Eg the character that as piles and crawls along the floor itching… WHY ??? it’s just not funny !!!

    The tribeswoman is reckless and unnecessary. She has gone to the lowest of low just to get a cheap laugh, but at who’s expense. I just feel that for the new season Jocelyn has lost it completely. She is trying too hard to shock/appaul to get the ratings and it’s tooooo much. You don’t have to be this sick to get a laugh – leave that to Little Britain.

    In one of the sketches Paulette, the upperclass woman throws a tantrum when she can’t get a book – she then proceeds to be sick over the book and in her hand. Na, she’s lost the plot. You don’t have to be this gutter to get a laugh. She has more than enough talent, she needs to tone it right down.

    Peace Senga x

  2. “In one of the sketches Paulette, the upperclass woman throws a tantrum when she can’t get a book – she then proceeds to be sick over the book and in her hand. ”

    Oh that was awful… I turned my face away from the screen!!!

    “Eg the character that as piles and crawls along the floor itching… WHY ??? it’s just not funny !!!”

    What’s that all about… LOL!!!! SMH….

    “The tribeswoman is reckless and unnecessary. She has gone to the lowest of low just to get a cheap laugh,”

    That character is reckless… she went too far…

  3. Mind you even though Jocelyn Jee’s show is OTT, at least you can relate to some of it, even if t is exaggerated. Eg Bus/cab driver characters.

    I”m writing this comment watching Lenry Henry on BBC1 – SO RUBBISH AND DRRRRY !!! When has he ever been funny !!!.

    Go to say it SAMBOISH !!! – thanks for that one Ty.

  4. Exactly twenty years ago – perhaps it’s his circle of friends/life style etc,
    but he is not in touch at all.

    It’s time to give someone else a chance on prime time tv…there are quite a few that can take the mantle.

  5. I hear what you guys are saying about Lenny but in his defence, I went to the recording of one of his shows a couple of years ago and what he was coming out with, when he’d go completely off on a tangent, made me cry with laughter – the man was hilarious!! However, that wasn’t the content the BBC allowed in the final edit of the show (a bit too ‘adult’ for the time it was being aired on tv), it was the stuff that he had previously written and had been scripted. So while we may not be seeing the “Delbert Wilkins” kind of humour right now, the man hasn’t lost his touch, unfortunately, other people are in control of what we actually get to see from him on tv.

  6. The tribeswoman was disturbing. I think there comes a point when you just have to question if things that make you naugh uncomfortably can be classed as comedy. That’s how I felt about that charachter. It’s the juxtapose of being caught between having a sense of humour and feeling that there is actually nothing actually funny in the skit. it can’t be classed like an ‘Extras’ style of comedy because there is an absolute sense of screaming normality with all chaachters involved. Waffling on, I think that this charachter would only be barely understood by people are of royal lineage Africa-stylee. Nearly every other West African I know has some Chief/Prince or Princess in their family. The joke perhaps trying to show the extremely frivolous nature of being a royal back home..
    Who am I kidding? It’s offkey!lol!

  7. Janice, you didn’t miss anything and they repeat it a hundred times anyway. After you’ve seen a couple of shows the characters gets boring.

    Joycelyn has to be a bit of a nutter in real life to be so OTT. As soon as I saw the tribeswoman character i just switched off…yawn !!!

  8. I watched the first episode of this new series with an open mind – despite not previously liking 3 Non-Blondes, I decided to give it a chance. However, I was left feeling disturbed, agitated adn dismayed at some of Joycelyn’s characters, namely the following:

    The woman who has worms…. what the hell is that about?! What you have to remember as you cringingly watch her ‘crape up her batty along the floor, is that the ‘unsuspecting public’ around her do not know that this is so-called comedy, they must think she is diseased or something. It’s gross and just not funny!

    Paulette – I fail to see the comedy in a character that screams because she can’t have her own way…and the voimitting in the book was just plain nasty.

    Gladys, the Jamaican woman who is bitter beyond belief and has obviously had a hard time with men in her life, is borderline funny, but why does she have to be so negative?

    The sketch showing Joycelyn as a Police Officer who is ‘down’ with the ‘youffs’ had the potential to be funny. If the other Police Officer had been an older Black Officer who was just ‘out of touch’ with young people, it would have been a laugh. But the fact that the other Officer was White, just implied that Black people are stupid and unable to articulate themselves in an understandable manner – that aggrievated me quite a lot!

    But not more than ‘Price Will’s Girlfriend/Wife’ – that character is one of the most depressing things I’ve seen on TV in the past ten years. It’s 2008…why did she have to resort to such jiggabooing, sambo behaviour? There are many a person (White, Asian, Chinese, etc) who don’t need much encouragement to think of Black people as uncivilised, disgusting, uneducated Savages and with this character, I feel that Joycelyn has merely reinforced that stereotype. If someone of another race had portrayed a Black person in such a way, there would be an outcry… what makes her think that it’s okay for her to do it?

    There’s a fine line between self-depreciating humour and downright selling out, and I think Little Miss Joycelyn (as talented as she appears to be) has sadly crossed it.

  9. i’m not holding back ..
    no way
    i think the tribewoman is out of order
    the regular old african woman who has thre husbands is very funny an actually reminds of my auntie
    . the driving instructer is pure genius

  10. Comfort you hit the nail right on the head. The show has potential but Joelyn kills it with the over acting. Less is defnitely more in this case.

    Ty, the cab driver is hilarious, apart from when he constantly phlegms up – unnecessary !!!. The taser gun episode was funny.

  11. I have quite alot to say about this’comedian’ but will try and keep it short and sweet. Having missed most of the first episode, and seeing it towards the end, I was quite impressed. Last week, I eagerly awaited the start of the programme, and to be honest, I viewed it without laughing at all.

    I was so shocked at how monotonous the sketches were, there was nothing new or vibrant anymore, and the reinforcing of stero-types was so sad. As people have previously said, she is a talented lady, but as at now it is not being utilised in a constructive way.

    The African tribeswoman I thought was offensive and out of order. to think a person of African descent could conjure up such archaic, offensive material. I completely missed any humour in that sketch at all. I know comedy is there to be laughed at and enjoyed, BUT, there still has to be a level of consciousness. These kind of images were freely aired in the 80s in sketches such as ‘LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR’ and these were the kind of people we were believed to be.
    So much has been done to try and erradicate these types of images, and she is undoing alot of serious work and effort by doing these sorts of sketches in 2008, it is a blatant undermining and disrespect in my opinion to predecesors’ efforts. I wonder what Alex Hailey would have thought of that sketch eh?

  12. comfort, I know ur goin to be in stitches when u see the length of my so called short and sweet, but hey, U KNOW ME!!Bless up mi sistren.x

  13. I have watched the last two episodes and did not think it was that funny. I absolutley hate the tribewoman. My daugthers and myself were discussing it and i will NOT BE WATCHING LITTLE MISS JOCELYN anymore (whenever there is any programs with black peeps running tings, i go out of my way to watch and support them to big up the rating but it seems as though as soon as a black person gets there own program, the powers that be encourage them to take the piss out of there own peeps! Why is she allowing herself to be used like this? Shame on her!

  14. Please will somebody bring back the Real Mccoy and show madame “blood clot” how black comedy should be done. I think my girl has lost the plot and the tribal growling stupidness was just wrong! Miss Jocelyn is trying too hard and it looks like she is desperate. I used to love the nigerian couple but tonight was just made kiss my teeth. What a foolish sell out woman.

    I also don’t like the stuff she does with kids (last week sketch with the crazy jamaican lady in the classroom and this week’s tribal jackass with prince willy) WHAT SHE PLAYIN’ AT? Look like this comedienne has eaten way too much ignorant pie and then wash it down with stupid juice.

    BRING BACK DA REAL MCCOY, NO PROBLEM and yes even DESMONDS the re-runS would be more funny than this.

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