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November 27, 2009 21 comments

I previously reported that rapper Speech Debelle suffered humiliation after attempting to rap through Take That’s 1993 track Pray.

Now check out the video footage…

[Thanks Alison]


That was embarrassing to watch! Terrible…. just terrible……….. Especially after the performance. ‘I don’t do that Take S**t’.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Speech and her hype woman were both drunk. So unprofessional. She has a lot to learn.

I’ve been informed that Speech is desperate to tell her side of the story and will post a video soon.

Don’t bother luv!

UPDATE: Check out Speech’s explanation below…. 

[Thanks Shach]

She has got A LOT to learn…

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November 26, 2009 6 comments

Via BBC News

Mercury winner Speech Debelle was booed by Take That fans as she tried to rap one of their songs at a London event in honour of the group.

The rapper was one of a host of stars performing at the launch of the SingStar Take That video game.

Debelle chose to rap her way through the 1993 hit single Pray, leading to boos from some of the 500-strong crowd.

She was also criticised by host James Corden, who said “anyone can rap”, before launching into a rap of his own. Continue Reading….

Oh dear…when attempting to do something different goes terribly wrong.

Why would she even attempt to rap her way through Pray? The thought of her up there rapping  the line ‘All I do each night is pray’  just makes me cringe!

Earlier this week Speech announced that she was leaving her label Big Dada because of disappointing album sales.


March 27, 2009 12 comments


Take That


Robbie Williams

Via BBC News

Singer Robbie Williams has said he is ready to rejoin Take That and is being welcomed back by his old bandmates.

He told The Mirror newspaper the reunion was “looking more likely by the week”, adding he is in “regular contact” with them.

The 35-year-old star quit Take That in 1995. The band split up a year later but reformed as a chart-topping foursome in 2006.

Williams’ management said there were no plans for him to rejoin the band.

The singer’s departure from the band was acrimonious and for many years he was not on speaking terms with Gary Barlow.

Continue Reading….

This is why it’s important to stay humble.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again! You got a nerve Robbie!

This lonely, self obsessed loser spent a decade bad mouthing his former band mates/laughing at their misfortunes, after he went on to enjoy massive solo success, selling millions of records all over the world.

(Although he did fail to break the US market and never got over it lol!!!)

In 2004 he finally fell flat on that smug little face of his when the highly anticipated album  Rude Box BRICKED, while his former Take That band mates reunited and went on to blow up all over again.

Since then Take That have sold millions of albums and their tours continue to sell out within minutes of tickets going on sale.

Robbie on the other hand is desperate for the attention and “working on a new album” but the fans no longer care, hence the desperation to reunite with Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard.

I am now a Take That fan and I pray that they ban him from rejoining the fold.

They don’t need you Robbie, so why don’t you do us all a favour and sod off back to Beverly Hills/Rehab.


December 11, 2008 8 comments


Take That


Robbie Williams

This FOOL spent the best part of a decade bad mouthing his former band members and laughing at their misfortunes, after his solo career took off in to the stratosphere.

But it all went sour didn’t it Robbie in 04/05 when you released that “Hip Hop” inspired mess ‘Rude Box’, and things went down hill from there. You should have stayed in your lane luv, which is Rock/Pop.

I bet EMI still shuddar and regret the day they paid you 80 million to produce four albums back in 2002

Oh well…….

Via BBC Newsbeat

Robbie Williams has admitted that he would like to team up with his former band Take That again.

The singer praised the four-piece’s new album on his Inner Sanctum blog and wrote that he would like perform with them in the future.

He added: “I’m really, really proud. I love the new album too – haven’t stopped listening to it.

“I’d love to be in the band again but I’ve got some unfinished business of my own.”

His comments come after frontman Gary Barlow recently told Newsbeat that the band were all in contact again and that they would one day reunite.

Of the band’s meeting in the summer, Williams wrote: “The thing that struck me the most was how much fun they’re having.

“We got together quite a lot over the summer. It was amazing. We’ve all matured a lot since we parted.

“I’m very pleased to say the differences we’ve had have just melted away.

“I celebrated by getting the Take That symbol tattooed on my right arm. I’m proud to know the boys and I’m proud to have been in the band.”

The four-piece’s new album The Circus is the fastest-selling LP of the year so far.

The band also sold around 600,000 tickets for their 2009 summer tour in under five hours, breaking the record set by Michael Jackson’s Bad tour in 1987.

Williams left the band a month before their last British concert at London’s Earls Court on Aug 31, 1995 to launch a successful solo career.

You’ve got a nerve Robbie… lol….smh……

Now that your career’s more or less in the toilet and Take That are back on top, bigger and better than ever, you suddenly want to reunite …smh…. 

“I’m proud to know the boys and I’m proud to have been in the band.”

Err… that’s not what you were saying  4/5 years ago!!!

Gary Barlow along with the others, shouldn’t even bother to entertain the idea of him rejoining the group! They don’t need him.

They should all tell him to p**s off back to rehab in sunny Los Angeles.

I wasn’t a Take That fan back in the day, but I now love their new music and love the fact that they came back so strong and proved the naysayers wrong (you in particular Robbie).


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