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October 18, 2012 1 comment

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

BBC News reports that Chelsea skipper John Terry has released a statement telling the world that he will not appeal against his four match ban for racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand.

Terry called Ferdinand a f**king black c**t during a match in October 2011.

In a statement released via his representatives Terry said:

“After careful consideration, I have decided not to appeal against the FA judgment.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone for the language I used in the game against Queens Park Rangers last October.

“Although I’m disappointed with the FA judgment, I accept that the language I used, regardless of the context, is not acceptable on the football field or indeed in any walk of life.”

Terry’s statement continued: “As I stated in the criminal case, with the benefit of hindsight my language was clearly not an appropriate reaction to the situation for someone in my position.

“My response was below the level expected by Chelsea Football Club, and by me, and it will not happen again.

“Looking forward, I will continue to do my part in assisting the club to remove all types of discriminatory behaviour from football.

“I am extremely grateful for the consistent support of Chelsea FC, the fans and my family.”

Chelsea FC say they have disciplined Terry but refuse to give further details.

Those clowns probably patted him on the head and then gave him a payrise.

Ashley ‘shoe shine’ Cole

And in other news….

Terry’s team-mate and ‘man Friday’ Ashley ‘shoe shine’ Cole has been fined £90,000 for calling the Football Association a “bunch of twats” on Twitter after they issued their damning verdict surrounding events that took place after Terry racially abused Ferdinand.

Look where rocking up to Westminster Magistrates Court to protect/defend a racist get’s you. I wonder if John will repay shoe shine’s loyalty and pay the fine for him.

And does John really expect us all to believe that he will now help to assist his club to remove all types of discriminatory behaviour from football???

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. That is the funniest thing I have read so far today. What a joke.

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October 6, 2012 6 comments

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

Via The Guardian

The Football Association disciplinary panel that banned Chelsea’s captain John Terry for racially abusing the Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand found the defence he maintained for a year “improbable, implausible and contrived”, it emerged on Friday.

Even as hopes were expressed that the verdict would draw a line under a damaging year-long saga that led to Terry’s international retirement and the resignation of Fabio Capello as the England manager, Ashley Cole sparked new controversy by branding the FA a “bunch of twats”.

In a 63-page ruling, the FA regulatory commission found there was “no credible basis” for Terry’s defence that he was merely repeating back to Ferdinand in indignation the phrase “f**king black c*nt” in the belief that the QPR player had accused him of racial abuse. It also cast serious doubt on the evidence of Cole and the “materially defective” recollections of the Chelsea secretary, David Barnard. The ruling suggested that Cole’s evidence “evolved” over time to suit the case that Ferdinand may have said the phrase in question on the pitch. Continue Reading

Ashley Cole

Well well well…  the FA has stopped protecting John Terry and have finally thrown him and his ‘Man Friday’ Ashley ‘shoe shine’ Cole under a bus. GOOD!

Cole’s Twitter outburst which came in response to the FA’s damning verdict against him and Terry was quickly deleted an hour later and then followed up with this laughable apology:

“I had just finished training and saw the captions on the TV screens in the treatment rooms about what was said in the FA commission ruling about me. I was really upset. I apologise unreservedly for my comment about the FA.”

It’s too late Shoe Shine. The damage is already done. Look where constantly defending and bowing down to kiss Terry’s racist ring has got you.

But cheer up its the weekend. Have a choc ice on me.


September 28, 2012 8 comments

Rubbish: Ugo Ehiogu

Yesterday it was announced that Chelsea skipper John Terry had been found guilty by the FA (Football Association) of racially abusing fellow player Anton Ferdinand during a match last year. Click HERE to read all about it.

Terry was caught on camera calling Ferdinand a “f**king black c**t” but may still decide to appeal the FA’s decision.

Now Terry’s former youth team-mate Ugo Ehiogu has come forward to say this:

“He still could come out of this with a degree of his reputation intact, if he accepted the findings and made a strong statement against racism.

Terry and the QPR captain should have sorted this out at the time. You man up, offer sincere apologies and move”.

Ugo pack your bags, grab Dorothy, follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and BEG the Wizard of Oz for a brain.

If John Terry dared to go in front of a camera in an attempt to make a “strong statement against racism” it would be one big JOKE. Who would believe him and who would take him seriously apart from gullible black British men like yourself and those that are die-hard Chelsea fans?

John has racially abused black players before but those incidents were swiftly kicked under the carpet.

Wake up Ugo and stop making dumb statements.


September 27, 2012 6 comments

John Terry

The FA should have dealt with this MONTHS AGO!

Chelsea skipper John Terry has been banned for four games by the  FA (Football Association) and fined £220,000 for his actions in the Anton Ferdinand race row case.  The footballer has 14 days to appeal.

The FA released the following statement:

‘An Independent Regulatory Commission has  today [Thursday 27 September  2012] found a charge of misconduct against John  Terry proven and has  issued a suspension for a period of four matches and a  fine of £220,000, pending appeal.

‘The Football Association charged Mr  Terry  on Friday 27 July 2012 with using abusive and/or insulting words  and/or  behaviour towards Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand and which  included a  reference to colour and/or race contrary to FA Rule E3[2] in  relation to the  Queens Park Rangers FC versus Chelsea FC fixture at  Loftus Road on 23 October  2011.

‘The charge was the result of The  FA’s  long-standing investigation into this matter, which was placed on  hold at the  request of the Crown Prosecution Service and Mr Terry’s  representatives pending  the outcome of the criminal trial.’

Anton Ferdinand

Last week Terry announced that he was retiring from international football (good riddance) and then had the nerve to bawl about being “treated unfairly by the FA”.

Jog on John!

Ashley ‘Shoe Shine’ Cole

I bet shoe shine boy Ashley Cole is at John’s house now consoling him with hugs and cups of sweet tea.


September 23, 2012 8 comments

John Terry

Via BBC News

Former England captain John Terry has announced his retirement from international football after playing 78 times in nine years for his country.

Terry, 31, says the decision is in response to the Football Association’s disciplinary charge over his alleged comments to Anton Ferdinand.

The Chelsea defender was cleared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in July of racially abusing Ferdinand.

He said his FA personal hearing on Monday makes his position “untenable”.

“I feel the FA, in pursuing charges against me where I have already been cleared in a court of law, have made my position with the national team untenable,” he said in a statement. Continue Reading….

Oh what a shame *sarcasm*

“I feel the FA, in pursuing charges against me where I have already been cleared in a court of law, have made my position with the national team untenable,”

Erm John you made your position “untenable” when you called Anton Ferdinand a “f**king black c**t”.

Now all this nasty piece of work needs to do next is retire from club football and then crawl under a rock and take Ashley ‘shoe shine’ Cole with him.


July 20, 2012 8 comments

Ashley Cole appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Wednesday to defend his “good friend” John Terry

Since giving evidence in defence of his team mate and “good friend” John Terry at his racism trial last week (click here if you missed it) where Terry admitted to calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand a “f*cking black c*nt” during a match on October 2011, footballer Ashley Cole has been called every name under the sun including a “sell out” and a “choc ice”.

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

But Shoe Shine Cole has received a lot of support from the mainstream media who up until his appearance at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last week hated his guts.  They even went as far as to accuse Ferdinand’s brother Rio of racism after a Twitter user TWEETED HIM saying “It looks like Ashley Cole is going to be their choc ice. Then again he’s always been a sell-out. Shame on him.” Rio replied “I hear ya fella. Choc ice is a classic. Hahahahaha”.

The Metropolitan Police received a sea of complaints via their Twitter account and the user who sent the tweet is now under investigation.

Like I said in a previous post you couldn’t make this foolishness up.

Rio Ferdinand

Anyway in regards to Cole’s actions there has been some backlash from the black community which has now led to the labelling of the controversial cartoon below ‘Ashley Cole vs Rio Ferdinand – The House Negro And The Field Negro’.

[Thanks La]

Some might argue that Rio was once in the house with Ashley but has now been banished to the field….


July 15, 2012 13 comments

Shoe Shine Boy Ashley Cole appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last week to defend his “good friend” John Terry in racism trial.

Footballer Ashley Cole now has the mainstream media and Chelsea FC supporters running to his defence after being called a “sell out” and a “choc ice” on various social networking websites.


Shoe Shine Cole appeared in court last week and defended his “good friend” and Chelsea team-mate John Terry during his racism trial. Terry had been accused of calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” during a match in October 2011. He admitted to shouting the words but was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand. (Click HERE to read all about it).

RIDICULOUS Chelsea FC supporters then tweeted the Metropolitan Police Twitter account calling for Anton’s brother Rio to be charged with racial abuse (????) after a Twitter user tweeted HIM saying the following:

CLICK HERE to read more….

What exactly is the Metropolitan Police going to do with this??? And what has Rio done wrong here?

Hahahahahahaha – Idiots!

Since this exchange an outraged Daily Mirror journalist wrote that calling Shoe Shine boy Cole a “sell out” is “unjustifiable” because he was reluctant to give evidence last week.

And according to The Daily Mail, Cole who is currently sunning himself in Los Angeles has apparently moved to calm the situation down. His lawyers said in a statement:

‘Ashley has been made aware of the discussion following comments appearing on Twitter and wishes to make it clear that he and Rio Ferdinand are good friends and Ashley has no intention of making any sort of complaint.

‘Ashley appreciates that tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments.’

Does Shoe Shine Cole seriously believe that the Ferdinands still think of him as a good friend???

Its going to be another “interesting” football season……


July 13, 2012 23 comments

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

Today footballer John Terry was found not guilty of racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand.

Terry had been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence after “allegedly” calling Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” during a match in October 2011.

*Note: This was filmed and we all saw him shouting those words*

Click HERE to read the full judgment on the verdict.

Shoe shine boy Ashley Cole appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to defend his “good friend” John Terry

Like I said earlier this week John Terry is like a cat with nine lives. I knew the low life would get off. He will continue to be  hailed a “hero” again by Chelsea fans and the media, and his “good friend” Ashley Cole who happily defended him in court on Wednesday can continue to shine Terry’s Gucci shoes.

Speaking of that spineless chief Cole I wonder what impact this verdict will have on him. Shoe shine boy better prepare himself for the possible heat that’s about to lick his skin.

Anyway in response to today’s verdict Chair of London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium Lee Jasper tweeted:


May 20, 2012 6 comments

David Cameron, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel

Prime Minister David Cameron found time during the G8 Summit yesterday to tune in to the Champions League final (Chelsea vs Bayern Munich).

Before the game started his conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about suspended Chelsea captain John Terry was picked up by microphones.

Merkel: “Terry is not there”

Cameron: “That’s good”.

Merkel:   “Don’t you like him?”

Cameron: “He’s said some bad things.”

OUTRAGED Labour MP Steve Rotheram, a member of the Commons sport select committee told The Sunday Mirror,

“Somebody like David Cameron should know better. No matter what happens the trial has not taken place yet.”

“I would call it stupidity. He wants to be seen as one of the lads so he is talking about ordinary things that people in the pub talk about. But he can’t get away with it. His every utterance is picked up, He should have been much more circumspect.”

John Terry will stand trial in July for “allegedly” racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand during a match back in October. Terry could be seen on camera calling Ferdinand a “f**king black c**t”.

So now they want to blast the Prime Minister for speaking out against Terry during a private conversation?  JOG ON Steve!!!

What is it about that racist fraggle John Terry? Why are people always so quick to defend that fool?

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February 29, 2012 15 comments

John Terry with JLS and team-mate Ashley Cole

Desperate to prove to the world that he is not racist Chelsea skipper and England’s former captain John Terry apparently bid and paid £16,000 for a dinner with boy band JLS at a charity bash last night.

The event was held to raise money for the Help For Heroes and Cancer Research charities at The Brewery in London.

A grateful JLS later tweeted,

“Cancer research went in tonight!! thanks for John terry for helping to raise over 30k on a JLS lot!excellent work!!”

John Terry has been charged with racially abusing QPR star Anton Ferdinand during a match back in October. Terry is “alleged” to have called Ferdinand a “f**king black c**t.


John Terry bidding and winning a meal with JLS who just so happen to be an all black boy group just seems extremely suspect. And don’t even get me started on that photograph.

I see the PR machine is once again hard at work here. You are fooling no one John.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during that dinner date. What a FARCE!

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