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October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Via The Metro

Amy Winehouse’s father was asked to give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is carrying out an investigation into the illegal cocaine trade.

Experts and those with first hand experience of the drug were asked to share their opinions with the committee. It is due to report its findings in December.

Mitch Winehouse was invited to speak as his daughter has a well documented history of drug addiction. He is currently filming a documentary programme for Channel 4 entitled My Daughter Amy, which will air in January. Continue Reading…..

I won’t knock Mitch for giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee because he was invited to speak, and has had to cope with his daughter’s drug addiction, so should know a thing or two. But I still believe he uses Amy’s celebrity status/drug addiction as a vehicle to bask in the media spotlight.

Whenever Amy hits rock bottom it’s guaranteed that Mitch will call in to BBC Radio 5  the following day to discuss the ins and outs of Amy’s latest drug overdose / admission in to rehab. Then later on in the week he will grant exclusive interviews to numerous tabloid newspapers and proceed to discuss Amy’s numerous addictions again, her destructive marriage and friendships.

I’m not suggesting that he doesn’t care for his daughter but he loves the media attention and he loves being her unofficial spokesperson.

I get the impression that Mitch has always longed for a career in showbiz and through Amy he gets to live out that dream.

As for the up and coming Channel 4 documentary entitled My Daughter Amy (another step up the ‘showbiz ladder’).. I wonder if he spoke to Amy about this project before agreeing to front it….

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July 29, 2009 3 comments


Via Digital Spy

Amy Winehouse has apparently claimed that a recent visit she received from the ghost of Michael Jackson helped her stay off drugs.

The ‘Back to Black’ singer, who has previously said that she is a big fan of the late King of Pop, reportedly met with mediums during her stay on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

A friend of the star told The People: “[Amy] heard Michael’s voice telling her if she didn’t sort herself out, she’d lose everything.” Continue Reading…..

Do they really expect us to believe this story???? Are we really expected to believe that Michael’s ghost took time out to visit Waste Woman Winehouse?

If Amy did actually say this then its proof she’s back on the hard stuff!

This is pure unadulterated FOOLISHNESS!

Amy’s team will say/do anything to keep her in the press.

Rest In Peace Michael.


May 26, 2009 6 comments


Via Digital Spy

Amy Winehouse has reportedly been dropped from a forthcoming tribute album for music legend Quincy Jones.

The producer has been forced to remove the singer from the record after waiting nearly a year for the finished track, The Mirror reports.

Winehouse and Mark Ronson were also said to have been dropped from a concert with Michael Jackson which was supposedly planned to promote the release.

Ronson said: “The track isn’t finished and she’s not around. If she’s not here then, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.”

Amy has been a hardcore drug /alcohol abuser for years now,  and from what I’ve seen still has no intention of ridding herself of those demons.

So WHY even bother booking her for shows and including her on major music projects, when it’s clear the woman prefers to whittle the days away totally off her face,  and then act surprised when she fails to deliver?


*kissing my teeth loudly*


May 12, 2009 4 comments

Waste Woman Winehouse “performed” at the St Lucia Jazz Festival several days ago (her first live performance in almost a year), and looked and sounded like a complete fool as usual.

I see her resident back up singers/shuckers and jivers are still on the payroll.


August 31, 2008 6 comments

The organisers of a French music concert are threatening legal action after headliner Amy Winehouse pulled out on Friday with just hours to go.

Winehouse failed to travel to the three-day Rock En Seine festival in Paris where the line-up included the Raconteurs, The Streets and Kate Nash.

The 24-year-old singer was said to have been taken ill at her London home.

Rock En Seine said there was “no explanation of the exact reasons for her absence”. Continue Reading…

It serves the organisers right! Why book Amy Winehouse as the headliner??? why book Amy at all???

I don’t understand why concert organisers here and overseas, insist on booking this car crash. WTF????

This wotless woman is a hard core drug abuser, who as far as I am concerned isn’t interested in “getting clean”. She is unreliable, an attention seeker, and when Amy does perform she is clearly off her face on drugs/alcohol.

Still they keep throwing gigs and money at what some might deem as this circus freak show.

Perhaps that’s why they do it. They know that people will pay just to see Amy acting the fool, sounding off key, and looking like she’s just been dragged through cactus.   


July 29, 2008 3 comments

Singer Amy Winehouse has spent the night in hospital after an ambulance was called to her London home.

A spokesman for the 24-year-old confirmed she had been taken to University College Hospital after suffering a “reaction to medication”. Continue Reading….

“a reaction to medication”

*rolls eyes” yeah ok Amy whatever……………………………………….. 

The woman parties every night and its clear that she is still a hard core drug abuser.

“A reaction to medication” – my back foot!

Amy, her publicity seeking father Mitch, and her waste man husband “my Blake” need to just disappear.


June 23, 2008 8 comments

Singer Amy Winehouse has “traces” of the lung disease emphysema but is “responding brilliantly to treatment”, her father has said.

Mitch Winehouse told BBC Radio 1 his daughter would recover “completely” as long as she stopped smoking.

The star has now been in hospital for a week, but her father said she would perform at the Glastonbury Festival and Nelson Mandela concert this weekend.

“With patience, her lungs will recover completely and she’s responding brilliantly to treatment – she’s actually flourishing,” Mr Winehouse said. Continue Reading….

Yeah whatever Mitch! Are you her official spokesperson/publicist/doctor now?

And why are they insisting on subjecting 90 year old Nelson to this WOTLESS woman?  Why was she even asked to perform in the first place?

Keep your backside home Amy!


June 20, 2008 4 comments

Amy Winehouse still hopes to perform at the forthcoming Glastonbury Festival and Nelson Mandela concert, despite her ongoing treatment in hospital.

The 24-year-old Rehab singer is undergoing tests after fainting at home on Monday afternoon.

Winehouse is on the bill at the Nelson Mandela gig in London’s Hyde Park on 27 June, and at Glastonbury the next day.  Continue Reading….

Does Amy plan on singing this little ditti at the Mandela birthday concert?

Like Nelson hasn’t suffered enough! Now he might have to endure watching this drug addled fool screech her way through “Back To Black”, while her two back up singers/dancers, shuck and jive for dear life next to her.  

Amy do us all a favour and keep your backside home! 

And are we really expected to believe that the doctors treating her, really don’t have a clue as to why she fainted? 

PLEASE!!!! The woman’s a hard core drug abuser who barely eats! 




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