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July 28, 2010 9 comments

Noel Clarke

The problem was I got a bit soft, I got a bit friendly i got a bit emotional. I started worrying and focusing too much on helping others. And I did help a lot of people. I don’t need to name them, I know who they are, You know who they are, they know who they are.

I was always on this – “Gotta write a part for that guy, Gotta bring in that girl”. How can i help this person, how can i help that person. “yeah I’ll call that guy for you” “yeah, i’ll drag my arse round london with your scenes and get you an agent”.

Of course that didn’t/hasn’t left me a lot of time to focus on me. I wasn’t writing as much as i used to I was being loyal to others to see how i could help them.

Actor/director/writer Noel Clarke fired some subliminal shots last night via his blog at those who he claims have stabbed him in the back , and ONCE AGAIN talks about how much he’s done for people in the past, and the doors he has helped to open.

But anyway, I chose to highlight the above section from Noel’s post because I believe everything he wrote to be true.

Since his first film Kidulthood, Noel has gone out of his way to cast individuals in projects who really have NO BUSINESS starring in feature films (excluding Adam Deacon and Aml Ameen).  And out of loyalty he then went on to create random characters so that those same faces could be featured in his other projects.

It’s obvious that Noel was keen and focused on opening doors for individuals with whom he had developed close ties with. But in reality most needed to enroll on an intensive acting course, while others needed to gain more acting experience appearing in TV dramas like Eastenders, Holby City, Casualty and The Bill first. (e.g. one individual in particular who starred in his latest film as one of the female leads – BIG MISTAKE)

Towards the end of the post Noel says,

I’ll still give opportunities to people coming up if i can, but now nobody gets anything unless it’s earned.

Well if this means that from now on he plans on helping people who can actually act, and he will refrain from hastily creating characters so that a bunch of inexperienced randoms from within the UK ‘urban’ scene can enjoy some big screen time, then that’s a good thing.

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July 21, 2010 15 comments

Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon

Oh dear! Turbulent times within the UK showbiz scene folks.

Last night ‘friend’ to Mad News BAFTA Award winning director, actor, writer, producer and ‘saviour’ Noel Clarke went in to rant mode via his blog and blasted individuals (no names were mentioned) who he implies have stolen “the whole Hood thing” from him.

The star wrote,

“… now people I know are using the HOOD thing, and doing their own thing with it like it’s cool. I’m not gonna bad mouth anyone. But they should ask themselves if it is cool? Really?

Not the film. The film is fine. I support the idea. I encourage you all to go do your thing, I got love for everyone I’ve worked with and they know I have. I have supported them, in public and behind the scenes on projects, with advice, hooked them up with other people who gave them work, got things done for them that I wouldn’t for other people… I want them all to succeed, get out of their area if they want and do big things, and I was gonna help them do that. but why steal my s**t to do it? Is that right?
I sat on my arse when I was broke as a joke and made up the whole HOOD thing, now it’s getting used without me to make cash, and exploit people who won’t know it’s not me doing it. don’t tar me with that brush.
It’s simple you do someone else’s thing WITH them, it’s a collaboration. You do someone else’s thing WITHOUT them. It’s called stealing, or as the lawyers have been calling it… Copyright infringement. (look it up)
…(Jack of all trades, master of at least 2… Accept no imitations)
P.S. Your thirty pieces of silver are in the post.”

Noel created the hit British film Kidulthood and it’s sequel Adulthood, and myself and fellow blogger London Diva believe that Noel is VEX with actor/friend Adam Deacon, who starred in both films and has now created Anuvahood.

Adam describes his project (Anuvahood) as being a “Kidulthood meets Friday type thing.”

Now I thought that Adam and Noel were working on this project together, and that Anuvahood was some sort of comedic Kidulthood/Adulthood spin-off , which had received Noel’s blessing.

But sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case….

Click HERE to read more….

Success, fame and money can really ruin friendships.


June 7, 2010 3 comments

Adam Deacon

Actor Adam Deacon who starred in the films Kidulthood, Adulthood and most recently has announced that he has just finished writing his first feature film Anuvahood.

Via Hood Celebrity’s

We hear you’re involved in writing, directing and starring in a spin-off of Kidulthood/ Adulthood, theGunslinger produced Anuvahood?

Yeah, just finished writing my first feature film, Anuvarhood. Don’t want to say to much at this stage but I’ve been wanting to do this for years and I can’t even tell you how hard its been getting this film off the ground.

Sounds like a long/ hard process…

Yeah, but its finally happening. The film’s a laugh out loud comedy set in the Goonbred Estate centred around this total loser James. I would say it’s a Kidulthood meets Friday type of thing. I feel we’ve had all the depressing gritty films about a kid with a gun and now we need to lighten it up. It’s not all doom and gloom in the hood! Continue Reading….

I can see that Adam Deacon has the potential to become a really great actor. The man can definitely act, but he needs to move away from always playing the fast talking, ‘street wise’, ‘road man’ character.

However to be fair I should add that in Adam’s next project he plays a terrorist.  So I guess this is a major departure from the usual type.

But I did have a niggling feeling that some casting director would at some point cast him in a role like this.

Anyway back to Anuvahood. Adam describes it as a “Kidulthood meets Friday type thing”.

Well this should be interesting…


April 22, 2010 1 comment

Snakeyman  starred in the UK film Adulthood and will also appear in the up and coming flick

As well as acting Snakeyman is also embarking on music career and has just released the single Cried.

This is my first time ever listening to a Snakeyman track. I had no idea that he won a UMA (Urban Music Award).  When?

Anyway old Snakey can actually rap and Cried is both sad and uplifting.

The production (surprisingly) isn’t bad either.

I’m sorry but most of the time the production over here is weak. But the production on this track gets a rating over 5.

The video – Apart from the spelling mistake at the beginning (or was that deliberate?) it’s your average UK rap video. Gloomy and shot in the endz.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?


March 19, 2010 56 comments

Noel Clarke

Actor/director/writer Noel Clarke will release his highly anticipated new film 4,3,2,1 in June 2010.

Check out the poster below.

Brown Eyez has asked this question and now I’m asking….

Why is actress Shanika Warren-Markland the only woman featured on the poster wearing just a bra and panties???

The other women are fully clothed so what’s that all about???

Care to enlighten us Mr Clarke???

Watch the “unofficial trailer” below.

Click HERE to visit 4,3,2,1 website.

:) :)


September 18, 2009 5 comments


So this is what old Noel was talking about via Twitter some weeks back, but refused to give much away.

He left Twitterville in an absolute tizz. People all over the UK desperately wanted to know what Noel Clark was working on next.

And now at long last the cat has been let out of the bag!!!! 

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Universal Pictures International Entertainment (UPIE) and The Works U.K. Distribution are among the backers for multi-hyphenate Noel Clarke’s heist thriller “” which started shooting this week.

Scheduled to shoot on location in London, New York and Pinewood Studios, the movie details three days in the lives of four girls who are unknowingly connected by a major diamond robbery.

Mark Davis is co-directing with Clarke for the film, which stars Emma Roberts, Ophelia Lovibond, Tamsin Egerton, Shanika Warren Markland, Rosanna Arquette, Adam Deacon, Ben Miller and Sean Pertwee.

Damon Bryant is producing the picture.

Actor Clarke shot to fame after writing “Kidulthood” and then writing and directing follow up “Adulthood.”

Bryant said: “I’m thankful that this film has been made possible by our partnership with Universal, Pinewood, The Works U.K. Distribution and Molinare Post Production.”

Congratulations Noel.


January 16, 2009 3 comments



The UK’s answer to Spike Lee, Noel Clarke (not my words – MOBO Awards founder Kanya King’s words!) is an actor, writer and director who is known for his past role in Doctor Who, and the hit films Kidulthood and Adulthood, both of which he wrote, directed and starred in.


June 18, 2008 14 comments

The UK premiere of the highly anticipated film ‘Adulthood’ (sequel to ‘Kidulthood’) took place last night (June 17th) at the Empire Leicester Square, London.

They laid on the red carpet treatment this time around… nice……

Actor Aml Ameen

Actor Cornell S. John

Former Mis-teeq group member Su-Elise Nash

Rapper/Actor Ashley Walters

Singer Lisa Maffia

Actor/Writer Noel Clarke

Singer Nate James


Noel Clarke poses with racist/bully/footballer’s play thing, Danielle Lloyd….(so she received an invite..hmmmm)

Actress Red Madrell

Actors Adam Deacon and Femi Oyeniran

‘Adulthood’ – Nationwide release date: 20th June

Photographs: WireImage




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