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September 21, 2012 10 comments

Check out actor, ‘people’s champion’ and the mainstream’s go to guy when the subject matter relates to all things “URBAN”  Adam Deacon and his new track ‘People’s Champion’.

Via GRM Daily

What the hell is muscle man Tiny Iron doing? Is he playing Adam’s stalker or bodyguard in the video?

“Yeah I’m a white boy but you might see me hangin out with all the man dem on Black Boy Lane”

Erm.. so only black men hang out on Black Boy Lane in Tottenham???

For those of you who don’t know about the history behind the name Black Boy Lane:

In the 1770s the value of black people in Britain was measured in terms of slaves, sugar and spice.

A centre of international capitalism, London was the financial hub of the British empire. Its places, its names and documents all demonstrate this international connectivity: Jamaica Road, Black Boy Lane and many more places in the capital reveal this history. Such names indicate the contacts between England and Africa because of trade routes and the slave trade.

Anyway your thoughts please….

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June 14, 2012 2 comments

Check out snippets from actor Adam Deacon’s up and coming documentary ‘Can We Trust The Police?’.

In the first clip original bad man Deacon drives through Hackney’s “Murder Mile” and in the second clip he talks to rapper/producer Alpha D who was tasered by armed police for no reason..

‘Can We Trust The Police?’ will air June 25th, BBC 3 at 9pm.


June 8, 2012 11 comments

Adam Deacon

The BBC will air a new “hard-hitting” documentary which asks the question “Can We Trust The Police?”.

Hmmmm… let me have a long hard think before I answer.

The documentary  is made and fronted by actor and the mainstream face of all things “URBAN” Adam Deacon (29), who according to London 24 will be seen going out on shifts with officers to learn more about their job as well as meeting people who feel they have been let down by the system. He also tells the website that he has always been “wary” of the police and has seen examples of racism and brutality first-hand.

This documentary is described as “hard-hitting”.  So will we see interviews with families who have lost loved one’s at the hands of the police while in their custody and still fight for justice today?  Will we hear their stories too?

Click HERE to watch the documentary ‘INJUSTICE’ (which the police tried to ban when it was first released).

Can We Trust The Police, BBC3, Monday June 25, at 9pm.


April 24, 2012 23 comments

Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon

Oh dear…more drama within the mad sad bad world of UK entertainment, involving actors and former friends/colleagues Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon.

This past weekend the BBC aired the hit UK film Kidulthood which stars and was written by Noel Clarke.

Noel is currently in Hollywood filming Star Trek 2 but acknowledged that his pride and joy was on television and tweeted,

This then led to Noel receiving a barrage of unnecessary abuse from Adam Deacon fans, who have somehow got it in to their skulls that Noel should credit their GOD and the voice of “URBAN” youth for the film’s success because he adlibbed lines which introduced the MASSES to Jamaican/British street slang (sarcasm).  And according to these fans Adam brought the film to life because if it wasn’t for him the film would have been a certified failure.

So..forget about the other actors/actresses (Aml, Red and Femi) featured in the film and that Noel WROTE/CREATED Kidulthood. No apparently it’s all about Adam folks.


Some fans then accused Noel of “forgetting his roots and where he comes from”.  I tell you when I saw some of the individuals accusing a black man nearly 20 years their senior of this I kissed my teeth and then cried with laughter.  What do they know??? SIT DOWN!

But in response to the slew of hilarious insults and near hysterical abuse coming from a bunch of seriously misguided young adults Noel said,

Hahahahaha - Noel has never claimed to be the director of Kidulthood. I have read interviews in the past where he has stated that he didn’t direct the film and has gone on to credit the director (Menhaj Huda).  These kids need to do their research.

Anyway in response to the drama a deliriously happy 29-year-old Adam tweeted the following,

I am sorry but I am riding with Noel on this occasion. How can these dimwits attack him over something he CREATED and try to place credit elsewhere??? (This scenario seems all too familiar…). The man WROTE Kidulthood and should be recognised for doing so. Yes admittedly Adam turned in a good performance (as did Aml Ameen) and I thought it was a good film, but if Noel hadn’t come up with the concept and the script there would have been no film for their GOD to star in.

Your thoughts please…..


March 10, 2012 13 comments

Adam Deacon

Oh dear… more drama in the heady/exciting world of UK entertainment this morning.

Actor Adam Deacon was supposed to appear as a guest on the popular Sky 1 morning show Soccer Am today to promote his new film Payback Season, but was a no-show. So throughout the morning hosts Max and Helen were firing sly shots at Adam. Max called Adam “lazy” and viewers were told that he “couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed”.

As you can imagine this didn’t go down to well with the self-proclaimed “People’s Champion”.  A furious Adam then jumped on Twitter with a QUICKNESS to get his side of the story out there.

Soccer AM producer Rocket later told viewers that Adam had tweeted them and said ‘it wasn’t his fault. His people were to blame’ and then he apologised for the remarks aimed at the actor throughout the show. Rocket also invited him back on the show.

However in response to this news an unsympathetic Max said “well he needs to find new people then”.

I actually believe Adam. The man has been everywhere since winning that BAFTA – even to the moon and back. If he agreed to appear on Soccer Am today then we would have seen him sitting on the sofa plugging Payback Season with his BAFTA award placed right beside him.

It sounds like independent outfit Revolver Entertainment (responsible for helping to bring us the dreadful SKET) is to blame here and there was also a serious break down in communication.


March 3, 2012 9 comments

Tim “Big Dawg” Westwood conducted this interview with actor Adam Deacon before he went on to win the BAFTA Rising Star award voted by the public several weeks ago.

I knew Adam would take home this award because he campaigned like an US politician on speed and encouraged his thousands of Twitter followers to vote and his famous friends. He even turned up to The Woman In Black film premiere and posed for the cameras with ‘Vote For Me’ flyers and apparently handed them out.

This didn’t go unnoticed by fellow ‘rising star’ nominee and film/TV star Chris O’Dowd who jokingly called him a “promotional animal”.

Anyway this interview with Westwood is both comical and irritating. Adam touches on how he felt he was treated during the run up to BAFTA night (he feels that he was treated unfairly by various media companies at a press conference) , and then for some reason Westwood asks him “can I just put it out there were they white?”. I am not sure if he is implying that Adam might have been treated unfairly because of his race which wouldn’t make any sense because Adam is white (Tim must have cataracts in his eyes if he can’t see that), or if it is because the self proclaimed “peoples champion” speaks a mix of Jamaican/British “street” lingo and grew up in Hackney.

[Thanks Lorraine]

Your thoughts please….


February 6, 2012 7 comments


Payback Season is an urban thriller starring Adam Deacon (KidulthoodAdulthoodShank,Anuvahood), Nichola Burley (StreetDance 3DDonkey Punch) and David Ajala (AdulthoodThe Dark Knight).

The story follows Jerome Davies (Deacon), a young man who has beaten all odds to escape the council estate he grew up on and make something of his life as a professional footballer. However, close encounters with old friends on the estate where his mother and younger brother still reside cause Jerome’s life to spiral out of control. With his new found fame and fortune, can he balance his old life with his new?

So another UK “URBAN” film featuring a council estate, violence, menacing young black men, UK / Jamaican street slang, some dodgy acting in parts and Adam Deacon. Great. It should be a box office smash.

And has this film already been screened and reviewed by film critics? I am asking because on the poster it’s giving that impression. It looks like the film has already been issued with a four star rating and is apparently “SUPERB A MUST SEE”.

There have been instances in the past where ‘hyped up quotes’ from publications have featured on newly released posters before a film is even fit for screening.


Anyway music producer Danny Donnelly directed and wrote Payback Season and it will be released nationwide on March 9th.


January 27, 2012 18 comments

Adam Deacon

I have said on numerous occasions that for some strange reason British actor Adam Deacon seems to have become the ‘go to person’ when mainstream media outlets want to venture in to topics relating to all things “URBAN”. He recently appeared on the Eddie Nestor radio talk show to discuss the Stephen Lawrence trial/verdict  which for various reasons raised an eyebrow.

Anyway now in a recent interview featured on US entertainment mogul Steve Stoute’s The Tanning Of America website he talks about Race in the UK.

Check out excerpts from the interview below,

What box do you check on the Census?

Normally just White British.

A recent Gallup/USA Today poll found that many Americans feel that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of racial equity has been achieved. What do you think?

I’m not sure how it is in America, but I think we are a long way off in Britain from what Martin Luther King dreamed of. Only recently in the UK we just witnessed the trial of Stephen Lawrence. It was a racial attack  but it took 18 years to put these guys to justice for a racial crime which everyone knew they were guilty of. So no, I still think we have a long way to go. Racism is still there but I just think it’s a lot more undercover these days.

What do you think of Jay-Z’s statement that “Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations”?

He might have a good point there. Everyone does listen to hip-hop, so I guess it does bring people together in a way. I don’t think people watch color when it comes to music anymore we have got past that now. If I’m honest, politicians don’t do a lot so I’m sure hip-hop must have had a bigger impact than any politician  has. That and Sesame Street!

How important is race when it comes to dating or marriage and do you have a preference when it comes to dating or marriage based on race?

I used to have a massive crush on mixed race girls; I had a massive stage of that. Everyone said I would grow out of it and I did eventually. Still love them, but now I like all types of girls. I’m like the United Colours of Benneton out here! I love blonde girls too. I would love to find myself a nice English rose one day maybe. But on a serious note, I think that it matters a lot less these days. I guess it all depends on the individual’s family or beliefs. Everyone is different.

In what aspects of your life is race still a factor?

I guess being an actor, my race counts a lot ’cause it’s probably one of the first thing a casting director would want to know. I find with myself its not so much a race thing that is a factor in my life but my class. I think that’s more of an issue for people in the UK for me.

Do you have a problem with non-African-American people who grew up on hip-hop using the n-word?

Everyone has their own opinion innit and ’cause I’m not Black I wouldn’t wanna say if it’s right or wrong but I know it can be used as just banter and it don’t have to be said in a harmful way. But generally, it’s just not a great word.

What is your tanning moment?

When I directed my own movie Anuvahood, people tried to say it would probably just be Black people that went to the cinema to watch it but I knew that wouldn’t be the case. All  young people would relate to the comedy and they did. They all  went out to watch it and they understood it too. Its not a Black and white thing anymore, it’s a culture

CLICK HERE to read entire interview.

“Everyone has their own opinion innit and ’cause I’m not Black I wouldn’t wanna say if it’s right or wrong but I know it can be used as just banter and it don’t have to be said in a harmful way.”

What the hell? The word “Nigger/Nigga” is wrong. END OF!

Your thoughts please…


January 25, 2012 5 comments

Adam Deacon

Actor Adam Deacon (28) announced on Twitter today that he has become an official ambassador for the youth charity The Prince’s Trust.

Wow, I had no idea that Prince Charles was such a big Anuvahood fan.

Not only has Adam become BBC Television/Radio’s official spokesperson and go to person when it comes to the subject matter of “URBAN” youth he is now also in with royalty.

I am impressed. Congrats Adam.


January 19, 2012 3 comments

The great and the good from the world of UK entertainment all came out to support actor Adam Deacon’s BAFTA Award nomination.

Check out the video below.


Anyone would think the man was running for election.


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