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April 4, 2008 1 comment


Naomi Campbell has been bailed after being arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting a policeman on a British Airway’s flight Heathrow Airport.

According to The “reliable” Sun newspaper Campbell spat in a police officer’s face after airport staff informed her that one of her bag’s was missing. Campbell then went in to a rage and an argument ensued.

But the BBC news website reports,

“A BAA spokeswoman at Heathrow Airport said: “Police today boarded a British Airways plane and removed a passenger.”

According to Ms Campbell’s spokeswoman, the model had checked in two bags but was then told that one had been lost.

Ms Campbell is reported to have been handcuffed on board the aircraft, which was believed to be heading for America.

Spokeswoman Annabel Fox said: “Naomi was flying to Los Angeles for a memorial service on Thursday.

“She arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5 in plenty of time, checked her two bags in and was told they would make the flight.

“Once on the plane she was told one bag could not be found and was missing.

“BA decided to resolve this by insisting she leave the flight and then called the police to forcibly eject her from the flight.

“She was taken to the Heathrow police station and released on police bail. So far as we are aware BA have still failed to offer any explanation as to why her bag went missing at Terminal 5.” Continue Reading

For those who don’t know Terminal 5 opened last week and the whole operation since the opening has been a catastrophe!  They have lost thousands of bags.

It’s a bloody shambles!

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April 3, 2008 3 comments


Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been held at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of assaulting a police officer… Continue Reading

Sometimes I think that Naomi’s being targeted because of her past violent outburts. Surely she’s learn’t her lesson by now? Would she really be so dumb as to assault a police officer? 

Naomi we need to talk….(smh)


February 27, 2008 1 comment



Super model Naomi Campbell has had a cyst removed at a hospital in Sao Paulo after flying to Brazil for treatment, her publicist has said.

Ms Campbell, 37, a frequent visitor to Brazil who this month celebrated the carnival in Salvador, was treated at Sirio-Libanes Hospital.

Her publicist said she was resting and looking forward to going back to work.

A gynaecologist at the hospital told a Brazilian news agency she had received successful emergency abdominal surgery.

“I cannot reveal what Naomi had, nor how serious her condition was, but I can say I operated on her [on Monday] and she is completely cured,” Dr Jose Aristodemo Pinotti told the Agencia Estado news service. (Source BBC News)

Why would she fly to Brazil to have this procedure done?  strange…..

Anyway get well soon Naomi!


February 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Thanks for the link V!

LMAO!! Those Thriller dance moves will never die!


January 27, 2008 6 comments


Naomi with former PA Jade Bien-Aimee

Naomi Campbell ‘s former PA, who quit after a bust-up with the supermodel, has leapt off a bridge to her death.

Personal shopper and stylist to the rich Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland, 28, was found dead on the Thames shore by Albert Bridge near her home in Battersea, South London.

Last year Jade was alone and crying on a Los Angeles pavement after storming out when Naomi screamed at her to go back to Britain. Naomi later paid for her flight home.

Friends think it was the death from pneumonia of her “soulmate” Andrew Richardson, 24, which sent her over the edge. In an email to pals, Jade told of her despair over his death. She said: “He’s now gone, I’m all alone, my heart is empty, my life is empty. I don’t think life’s worth living after losing a close one.”

Jade, who grew up as a boy on a Caribbean island but had a sex-change, was found dead 10 days after Andrew’s death.

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Weakest Link host Anne Robinson joined hundreds of mourners at her funeral in London’s Piccadilly.

Jade, who dreamed of being a model, told Naomi in a blog just after their row: “I was happy prior to working for you, now I’m left broken, jobless. Why Naomi?”

(Source: The Sunday Mirror)


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