Ash Meat and Fish Centre in Peckham closed under emergency orders due to serious rat, mouse and insect infestation. Inspectors found food that had been nawed by rats, rat and mouse droppings amongst food items and four rat carcasses on the premises.

Listen to what a few members of the public had to say…

[Thanks Simone]

The news report made me laugh but the story is in fact true. Ash Meat and Fish Centre was closed down and I am not surprised.

Councillor Richard Livingstone, cabinet member for community safety, said:

“This is one of the worst cases of irresponsible trading that I have seen. The owners showed a total disregard for the health of their customers – no-one wants to buy their food from a shop littered with dead rats.

Click here to read about the store’s closure on the Southwark Council website.

Rye Lane (Peckham) has smelt of rotting meat YEARS and customers (predominately from the black community) who frequent those stores on a regular basis, rushing to buy cheap meat and fish in bulk need to wake the hell up. Mark my words, the owners of those stores, their families and friends etc are not consuming that poison. Do your research and take your custom elsewhere.

The other day a friend of my mum’s told her that she went to buy meat in a store on Lewisham High Street, and claims the man serving coughed and then shamelessly spat out the phlegm in to a bucket placed next to him.

Now had I witnessed this slackness I would have informed Lewisham council and then demanded they investigate the store and their food hygiene practices.

Anyway Ash Meat and Fish Centre has apparently now reopened.

All I can do is laugh.

Visit the Food Standards Agency website to view food hygiene ratings for businesses across the country.

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  1. But we will still buy from them! I never buy from them! This is why our community is so sick the food we eat are making us sick and we are their biggest consumers.

  2. I don’t eat meat and buy my fish from Billingsgate Fish Market. I remember when the smelly KFC in Dalston and the dodgy looking meat shop at the corner of Ridley Road Market in Hackney both got shut down at the same time for the same reason as above.

    Good to see that my local Peppers and Spice has a 5 food standards rating on the Food Standards Agencies Website!

  3. The Pakistani traders who own these shops and sell this meat to a predominately black community and can only really be described as being warped, spiteful and evil. We already know that the Asian community in general views blacks as the lowest of the low so these traders go one step further and sell us shit to consume. There is no respect there and a total disregard for the health of customers who don’t look or come from the same backgrounds as themselves. People also need to be asking the question why you never see Asians buying from these shops. They have known all along what goes on behind the scenes and stay clear.

  4. Ermm people have a choice to shop there or not, and I state the persons who choose to purchase meat or fish from there are obviously not too choosy. Why can’t they follow their noses and smell the rotten meat?? Every day I pass there and u can smell the disenfectant they throw down, trying to disguise bad smells. Also may I add that is not the only disgusting meat shop on Rye Lane.

  5. DeAndra :
    Ermm people have a choice to shop there or not, and I state the persons who choose to purchase meat or fish from there are obviously not too choosy. Why can’t they follow their noses and smell the rotten meat?? Every day I pass there and u can smell the disenfectant they throw down, trying to disguise bad smells. Also may I add that is not the only disgusting meat shop on Rye Lane.

    I forgot to add – for years I have been thinking how comes Evironmental Health Dept haven’t investigated these meat shops – was beginning to think they were getting back handed payments.

  6. Yes I used to wonder too why they weren’t being investigated but there have been the odd closures over the years. One meat shop in Lewisham was closed down, but there are many more that need to be investigated in Brixton, Peckham, Lewisham, Hackney and so on.

    But we live in an age of social media, YouTube and blogs that will shine a spotlight on these shops more so councils may start doing their jobs properly from now on

  7. The shop was open this week when I went to Peckham. In Peckham, only Dennis, the Irish Butchers and the supermarkets could get my custom. They need to close that hell hole on the corner of Choumert Road, too. It’s a cartel that runs Rye lane. How can you have so many of one culture selling things to so many people that don’t look like them and people who look like the sellers generally do not live in said area? We black people love too much cheapness (not to be confused with BARGAIN). We were like this BEFORE the current economic crisis. Out of the the London areas that suffer from this thing, I would say that Peckham is the worse. These people sell their renking meat because people have always turned a blind eye, for the cheapness. The halal butcher that DID sell many different cuts of meat, made its own sausages, sold half a lamb, etc used to get the old West Indian grannies and greeks out to buy from them. Lo and behold, they had to close down because they couldn’t make any money off of giving dignified, good service to locals. Stockholm Syndrome to the max…

  8. All this also makes me question the traders personal hygiene and the conditions they live in. Why would anyone want to work in an environment with unsanitary conditions and rat infestations?

  9. Ugh! The news report alone makes me feel ill! I don’t want to wave the racist banner but something is wrong here. Just as it has been said before, you don’t see many Asians buying from these stores. They’re taking black people for idiots. Muslim brother whatever! Let me go to the supermarket and get my meat!

  10. I contacted Southwark council to find out if the business was still being monitored and they said…

    “After the premises was closed using an emergency prohibition notice, the premises had to carry out certain work’s before it was allowed to reopen.

    The premises was visited by officers of this department on several occasions and from different departments (the Food safety team and the Health and safety team) before being allowed to reopen.

    Once the premises has reopened it once again falls under our risk based inspection programme. This would mean that the premises would require a new full food hygiene inspection within six months of the last programmed inspection.”

  11. I used to buy from Dennis until the day I had maggots in my chicken. I had seasoned it the day before, put in fridge, taken out the next day and then out in oven. Put it back in fridge after cooking, came to eat it later that day and maggots were inside. Thinking that I would let him know quietly, I took it to show him to try to suggest that he may have received a bad batch, he suggested that I must have left it out ( politely though). I stopped buying there. Borough Market, M&S, Morrisons. The End.

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