Veteran DJ Jigs has announced today that he has decided to leave Capital XTRA (formally Choice FM) after 24 years of service.

By now most of you will have read about the demise of Choice FM and the birth of its “URBAN DANCE” replacement Capital XTRA and the brutal dismissals of numerous long-standing DJs. But if not CLICK HERE to read all about it.

Well that’s it. All the DJs who were there at the birth of a then black owned Choice FM back in 1990 are now gone.

I wish Jigs the best of luck with his future endeavours.

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  1. Some of these posts belie belief. I’m stunned at the naivety and ignorance of the posters who are waving the flag in support of JIgs KEEPING IT REAL. Reality check!, The concept of keeping it real in the entertainment industry,is a bankrupt premise. It’s baffling in 2013 peeps who work in the industry are still trotting out such bile.Grow up peeps and stop SELLING the PUBLIC a force economy! From it’s inception, there was nothing authentic about Choice FM – it was a commercial venture from the get-go, a business run with the aspiration of making profit first, community second. Hence its full takeover by the Capital Radio Group in 2004. And the subsequent removing of many of the old djs in favour of a new line up of presenters, brought in to appeal to a wider demographic. What’s different between the re-branding of Choice in 2004, and the present changes that have been announced at Capital extra? As far as i can discern, it’s all part of the consolidation of developing a global brand. Are the posters on here, celebrating Jigs for ‘keeping it real’, naive to think he wasn’t aware of this. Jigs staying on at Choice after 2004,until his departure should be put in context. He started out as a dj on an independently run station, incidentally it’s worth pointing out, Capital Group were minority share holders, in Choice. A hint perhaps at where the station was heading, If Jigs or any other dj for that matter, felt strongly about the potential dilution of the Choice Fm, because of increased corporate involvement. The time to jump ship on principle, was long time ago, and not after every sinew of Choice FM’s original ID, has been forsaken at the expense of community, in favour of making a few share holders some big bucks.

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