FARCE: Jay-Z poses with plaque and RIAA executives.

On July 4th Jay-Z aka close friend to Samsung released his “highly anticipated” new album Magna Carta Holy Grail and the hysteria that followed its release can only be described as being comical. Click here to read all about it and my thoughts on the album.

For those who don’t know Jay struck a deal with smart phone giant Samsung who purchased copies of the album and then gave its customers the opportunity to download the album for free. The one million copies sold were all purchased by the corporate giant not by fans.

Billboard however do not seem to keen on Jay’s ‘#newrules mantra’ and issued the following statement:

“Our role as the chart of record is to set the rules, and hopefully even raise the level of play. It is in this spirit that I say it wasn’t as simple as you might think to turn down Jay-Z when he requested that we count the million albums that Samsung ‘bought’ as part of a much larger brand partnership, to give away to Samsung customers.

“True, nothing was actually for sale—Samsung users will download a Jay-branded app for free and get the album for free a few days later after engaging with some Jay-Z content. The passionate and articulate argument by Jay’s team that something was for sale and Samsung bought it also doesn’t mesh with precedent.”

None of this matters though because the RIAA’s Executive VP of Communications Jonathan Lamy, Executive VP Mitch Glazer and Director of Communications for the Gold & Platinum Program Liz Kennedy still presented Jay with a platinum plaque.

Hahahahahaha- They are not serious.

So will his wife pull this stunt next? And how many other artists will get the opportunity to sit down with a corporate giant and convince them to purchase one million copies of their albums, which then catapults it in to platinum status before its even been officially released?

Is this the future? When there is no longer that guarantee that your fan base will take you to platinum selling status by purchasing your music, then cheat and broker a deal with a smart phone giant?

What a bloody farce. But like I said before the former waste man from Marcy Projects can do no wrong and at this point can really “sell water to a well”.

CLICK HERE to read a very interesting article titled ‘Jay-Z Is Watching And He Knows Your Friends’ on The New York Times website.

Samsung basically paid Jay a ton of money to market and promote their highly suspicious App and in return…..

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  1. If it looks good on paper then it Must be good.
    They should have put all that passion and articulate skills in that album. Then maybe people would have downloaded it to one million.

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