Chelsea Handler

“I’m going on an African safari simply because I want to see where all rappers come from”.

I tuned in to popular E! talk show Chelsea Lately last night and the show’s host the popular Chelsea Handler opened with the “joke” above.

So what are you saying Chelsea? Black rappers all started life running around a wildlife park in Botswana before they crossed the ‘middle passage’ to the Americas?

Rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent and Chelsea when they were a couple

Chelsea who dated rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent for a brief spell before it ended badly (READ HERE)  is known for making controversial and non-PC jokes. I know that many believe that when it comes to comedy there should be no boundaries, but I think  sometimes Chelsea goes too far in a bid to get laughs and believes she can get away with saying anything now that she is considered a powerful figure in the world of entertainment.

The constant sly “jokes” about black people not being able to swim is just annoying.  For those of you who don’t know there used to be this old racist belief that black people couldn’t swim because apparently our ‘bones were too heavy’. So I am guessing that this is what Chelsea is referring too whenever she “jokingly” mentions black people and water in the same breath.

Then you have the constant “jokes” about black men and the size of their genitalia quickly followed by “I’ve dated black men”.

I have read several of Chelsea’s books which are funny. She talks about her childhood and life with her odd ball father who was and still is by the sounds of it a RACIST.

I often wonder if her father’s racist views rubbed off on her and she uses comedy to mask it.


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  1. she doesn’t respect black people. she only sleeps with those black men to exercise her superiority complex on them, and then make jokes about them. I am sure her father’s constant racist talk in the house rubbed off on her, sleeping with black people gives her a pass. she doesn’t think highly of these rappers she sleeps with obviously.

  2. I’m offended by it, because white people think Africa is one big Safari, and some black Americans too, they don’t even realise there are cities in Africa and there were cities there long before Europe. If she said I’m going to Africa then I wouldn’t be bothered

  3. Its another sly shot at black people. Anyone who knows her comedy well and watches her show see’s through this “joke”. We all know our roots are in Africa but she’s not talking about that…

  4. What school did she go to? Another white ‘trophy’ for the successful handsome black man. And why do successful black men elect for the ‘posh’ uneducated white woman anyway…

  5. her whole schtick is so sad. what an insincere c**t. the only c**ks that fit in her big, used vagina, are black c**ks.

  6. She is an idiot….she is racist to the core, she uses “humour” as a way to hide it. She thinks that because she sleeps with black men it gives her a pass…

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