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Stuart Pearce

Earlier this week Fabio Capello resigned as England manager (click here to read all about it) and former player Stuart Pearce has been appointed as “care-taker” England manager for now, while the FA tries to convince Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp to accept the role as full-time England manager.

However it’s emerged that back in 1994 Stuart allegedly called his then England team-mate Paul Ince an “arrogant black c**t” and was later forced to apologise. And it has also been revealed that Stuart’s brother Dennis Pearce (look at the state of the man) is a supporter of the racist BNP (British National Party).

Paul Ince

First the John Terry drama and now this. It’s just comical.

For a start I think that Fabio was right to resign. Why waste more time and energy managing a bunch of over paid losers who don’t stand a chance come Euro 2012.

Harry Redknapp should continue managing the Tottenham squad. The England team just isn’t good enough, the players don’t gel well as a team, and don’t stand a chance up against the likes of Spain and Germany. Not even Harry will be able to save them and he will be blamed when they play in a lacklustre fashion and eventually crash out of the Euro 2012 tournament in spectacular fashion.

On the subject matter of Stuart Pearce racially abusing Paul Ince back in 1994… that doesn’t surprise me. I am sure Ince  was called a lot worse during his days as a player. But will still go out of his way to defend blatant racists in the game.  Hahahahaha. Idiot.

It makes no difference who manages the England team. They will still lose.

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