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Ashley Walters

I think Channel 4 is so brave. They’re the only channel that put things on like that and doesn’t worry about what people think. It was a good show, a well acted drama. Why is it people always complain? It’s a TV show and we should have all supported it.”

“What upsets me so much is, as soon as something like this comes on, every black person in the country acts like there’s never been anything good. We just had Anuvahood, which did amazingly at the box office; we do a lot of refreshing things.

“I’m in a new drama where I play a good guy with a good job and a family. But if I were to play a gay man [which he did in the 2007 film, Waz] no one would care. I am an actor, not a politician. I am not out here to make moral stories for everyone all the time, that’s not my job. I’ve got four kids and I’ve got to pay my bills.”

Click HERE to read the full article via The Voice.

There seems to be this attitude here in the UK within the black community that we all should just be grateful that black actors are working and have been cast in a drama that aired at 10pm on a terrestrial network, regardless of how they are being depicted on screen.

So basically black people just sit down, shut your mouths and be grateful to those forward thinking Channel 4 executives.

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November 13, 2011 4 comments

Photograph Credit Alex Winn: Arnold Oceng

In an interview with The Voice actor/rapper Arnold Oceng aka Snakey Man talks about industry racism and Devil worship.

You are a staunch anti racism campaigner and have worked with the charity Love Music Hate Racism. Have you ever been a victim of racism within the industry?

When I was on Grange Hill, there would be little jokes on set and they would come from people that you were working with.

I remember one of the cast members would drop jokes, like ‘don’t leave your phone around, Arnie will nick it’ and they all laughed and little things like that. I remember one time I was running on set and another character was like, ‘Arnie, where you running too, you stole something?’

They said these little things, but because I know they don’t mean it I just laughed it off, I know they don’t mean it maliciously. If it was now, I would bring it up. I’m at the age where I can voice my views, but when I was younger I would rather not go through any confrontation and just get along.

What was it like doing a modern day horror film?

I’ve never filmed a horror film before and then this year I filmed The Tapes and Demons Never Die, so it was really crazy. When we were filming The Tapes, we had to have a real devil worshipper on set, because they wanted it to look real.

The devil worshipper was teaching the actors chants and things. I will be honest, it was quite eerie. I know it sounds weird but the devil worshipper was the nicest devil worshipper I’ve met. She was really nice, offering to make tea and stuff!

Click HERE to read full interview.

Grange Hill – Even at the ripe old age of 24 does he still believe that his fellow cast members were not being malicious when they were cracking those Bernard Manning style “jokes”. Those weren’t jokes! They looked at you, a young black boy and thought one thing - ‘THIEF’.

Devil worship – They actually hired a real Devil worshipper to make the chanting scenes look authentic. Hmmmmm. I wouldn’t have even ventured on to the set that day. I’m surprised he agreed to star in the film.


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