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June 8, 2011 4 comments

Yes singer Ginuwine’s up and coming project is a “reality” show titled Ginuwine A New Beginning.

I don’t think a TV network has picked up the show up yet.


When all else fails pitch a scripted reality show to the masses via YouTube and just hope and pray VH1 picks it up.

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June 8, 2011 1 comment

Joanna Wilson

As most of you will already know by now Ryan Giggs is going through a bit of a “rough patch” at the moment.  The married footballer has been exposed as a liar and a cheat (he allegedly had an affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas) and he is now accused of having an eight year affair with his sister-in-law Natasha Giggs. Click HERE to read all about it.

Ryan Giggs

After it was first revealed that Ryan had allegedly had an affair with Imogen Thomas his absentee father Danny Wilson, who Ryan hasn’t spoken to in YEARS suddenly crawled out of the pit and happily bad mouthed his son to The Daily Mail for cash. Click HERE to read. And now Ryan’s aunt (Danny’s sister) has decided to cash in too.

Joanna Wilson tells The Daily Mail,

‘I can’t believe the mess Ryan’s made of his life – I’m totally disgusted by his behaviour.

‘He’s a predator of women, he pursued Natasha and Imogen – he might have a sex addiction who knows. One thing’s for sure – he can’t keep his trousers up.’ Click HERE to read more…

I have a problem with family members selling out their famous relatives just to make a quick buck. I bet like her brother Joanna has no relationship with Ryan, knows absolutely nothing about his life, has never met his wife and kids, and only ever sees her nephew on television.

As for Ryan being “a predator of women” OH PLEASE!  Those women are no angels. I doubt they took much persuading and were more than happy to lie down with a premiership footballer

Auntie Joanna should just crawl back under her rock in Cardiff and shut her trap.


June 8, 2011 4 comments

Singer Alexandra Burke turned up to the event wearing a bed spread.

Another year another pointless Glamour Women Of The Year awards ceremony hosted by footballer groupie James Corden.

The lavish event took place last night in London.

Check out the winners list below.

Presenter of the Year – Davina McCall

Designer of the Year – Sarah Burton

Filmmaker of the Year – Jane Goldman

Theatre Actress of the Year – Naomie Harris

TV Personality of the Year – Dannii Minogue

Pandora Breakthrough of the Year – Ellie Goulding

Writer of the Year – Dawn French

Sportswoman of the Year – Jessica Ennis

Band of the Year – The Saturdays

Accessory Designer of the Year – Victoria Beckham

Radio Personality of the Year – Fearne Cotton

TV Actress of the Year – Lenora Crichlow

Comedy Actress of the Year – Miranda Hart

Entrepreneur of the Year – Kim Kardashian

UK Solo Artist of the Year – Adele Adkins

Film Actress of the Year – Gemma Arterton

Woman of Tomorrow – Jessie J

Editor’s Special Award – Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Man of the Year – Garrett Hedlund

Outstanding Contribution – Stevie Nicks

Click HERE to read more about last night’s shindig.

To be fair this years winners list isn’t that bad compared to previous years lists but it’s also still questionable.

Kim Kardashian “Entrepreneur Of The Year” - Really Glamour??? Just stop the madness.

Jessie J “Woman Of Tomorrow” – Oh please. More unnecessary HYPE!

Victoria Beckham “Accessory Designer of the Year” - They need to stop insulting the public’s intelligence here. Victoria has a team of experienced/talented designers behind her that do all the work.

Fearne Cotton “Radio Personality Of The Year” – erm.. who else was in the running?


June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Rapper Mikel Ameen and actor brother Aml at the video shoot before armed police arrived

Via The Voice Online

A VIDEO SHOOT in south London was ambushed by armed police on Saturday night (June 4) after officers thought their set props were real firearms.

The production crew was filming an anti-violence anthem with the hope of tackling stereotypes but, in an ironic twist, got more then they bargained for when they were mistaken for gangsters themselves.

A barrage of armed police stormed their set on an estate in South Mitcham and the team of eight was forced to the ground by special officers and searched for up to 10 minutes just before midnight.

Some were handcuffed until the officers were satisfied they were not posing a threat.

Ironically the song, titled ‘Billy Elliot’s black’, was made to encourage black men to defy stereotypes and turn away from the violent gang culture that plagues some inner city communities.

In a statement, the Met Police said: “Police were called by a concerned resident at approx 11.05pm on Saturday, June 4, to reports of a group in possession of a firearm in Parkview Drive, Mitcham.

“Officers, including armed officers, attended and stopped the group of seven people. It was revealed that the firearm was a toy imitation firearm that was being used as a prop in a music video.

 “The group were given words of advice and the toy gun was seized.”

Continue Reading…

They were ‘filming an anti-violence anthem with the hope of tackling stereotypes’ and then armed police turned up in their droves.  Seriously you cannot make this stuff up. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry. 

I wonder if the residents and the authorities had been informed beforehand that a film crew would be filming a project of this nature in the area…..

Anyway I’m just glad nobody left the set in a body bag.


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