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A RACIALLY offensive comedy character is to return to TV screens despite protests.

After a brief suspension, popular Peruvian television station, Frecuencia Latina, has brought back controversial comedy character ‘El Negro Mama’ despite being attacked for being a racist caricature of a black man.

The channel was pressured to take the character off the airwaves after legal threats from African-Peruvian civil rights campaigning group, Lundu, who rallied to get the character, played by Peruvian comedian, Jorge Benavides, taken off screens.

Portrayed as a dim-witted thief, El Negro Mama, is depicted with blackened face and with a large prosthetic nose and lips.

A statement from the channel acknowledged that some viewers would find the character offensive, and agreed to ban the character. However less than four weeks into the ban, TV bosses reinstated Mama due to counter protests. Continue Reading….

TV executives in Peru clearly have no respect for the African-Peruvian population. This is pathetic!

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  1. True Peruvians are of native descent and are of a darker complexion, most of the so called Peruvians in that country are mostly of European stock. Like India, there is a terrible cast system in Peru and this post shows you who yet again is typically on the bottom, the so called Negro.

  2. Sometimes, I sympathize w/protesters of such acts of racism…but then I think about how we kill ourselves in waaaaaaaaaay higher numbers daily (yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY) than anyone else does.

    How can we expect respect when we don’t respect each other?

    Or is that self-deprecation a RESULT of stuff like this being drilled into our collective psyche over centuries?

    Dichotomy and irony say hello.

  3. This is mental torture on the other hand because it is done by a white person. As for killing ourselves in higher numbers everyday, ….i guess we don’t love eachother enough and i think we have driven that factor ourselves and run away with it. It’s like someone on the outside lighting a fire and then someone on the inside puts in more logs to keep the fire going.That fire was lit ages ago and even with the little understanding we have that it was never good for us, we somehow somewhere keep it burning, the likes of him don’t help.

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