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Website I’m Possible posted an article today titled  Poof! You’re gone…The invisibility of the black woman, which addresses the belief that black women are routinely being ignored by society.

Check out an extract from the article that calls out the recent Adidas Originals UK – We Are London campaign.

Adidas Originals UK also got in on the act with their 2010 campaign entitled ‘We Are London‘ not one of the campaign’s model leads who are a mix of artists in the UK grime scene was a black female. Astonishingly, with a campaign entitled ‘We Are London’ it failed to show any female Black grime musicians of which there are some and they are of the same ilk as the artists they featured in the campaign. A recent Guardian article extolls the virtues of a ‘new breed’ of female grime MC, its a shame Adidas did not feel they were worthy enough to be recognised in their campaign, which from the name, you would think show a fair representation of ‘London’.

CLICK HERE to read the article in its entirety.

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Rapper Tinie Tempah

Check out the article by Hood Celebritys blogger JR Ewing which talks about today’s UK music scene and his hopes for the scenes future.

Well Christmas is finally over, new year was what ever you made of it and now its time to get serious, time to see if the new years resolutions you made can be made into a reality. Have you really got what it takes to be a better person, to live out your dreams and to stop the tom foolery, or is it going to be just another year?

2010 was a big year for British music in more ways than one. A platform to be heard from is there now, avenues that were closed before are now beginning to open. Artists having no feedback is almost a thing of the past. Blog sites and websites dedicated to delivering unsigned artists music to the masses are here now. Most importantly new artists are appearing on a daily basis which can only benefit all those involved in the music world.

I have never listened to so much British music in all my life as I did last year. It was a learning curve for me and sometimes I loved what I heard and other times it would leave me frustrated, very frustrated. I admire the effort put in to most of the music I’ve heard, but feel we could still be making better music and becoming more creative. 2011 is gonna be a very good year for music in Briton, I feel it in the air.

In 2010 the volume of music coming to my attention grew not just because of my involvement in, but because of the hard work and effort of so many artists aspiring to be making the kinda moves that Dizzee Rascal, Kano and Estelle are making. Due to the U.Ks top performers doing so well, radio stations are willing to turn to the underground side of music to find songs to air on there prime time shows.

If you are thinking of releasing a mixtape this year there’s a few things you need to do. An album cover is important but you aint gotta pay some half hearted graphic designer for this, if you are, look no further than FunnyTummy his designing technique is making noise for all the right reasons.

Honestly if you can’t afford one just take your camera out with you and start taking snaps of everything it will not be long till you have something you can run with. Continue Reading……


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