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Kiss FM’s DJ Manny Norte has teamed up with  J2K and producer Dready on the new track Breakin All The Rules.

People seem to be making a lot of noise about this track. It’s okay. It’s  better than a lot of the stuff that’s  coming out of the UK at the moment.

The Video – Can somebody please explain the video’s concept?

Also many have commented on producer Dready’s appearance in the video.

He is seriously channeling the Busta Rhymes of old.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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4321 star Shanika Warren-Markland and megastar, actor, writer, producer, director and humanitarian Noel Clarke will feature in the forthcoming Naughty But Nice issue  of Flavour Magazine.

Check out the behind the scenes footage.


4321 will be released nationwide on the 2nd June.

Regardless of the off-key attitude exhibited several months ago, which is standard in this country when you’re a particular type of individual who has made it to a certain level ) I will still continue to use this forum to support the film 4321 and those involved.

After all I’m lover not a hater.



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[Thanks Mikey]

Jay-Z is featured in the May 2010 issue of Esquire Magazine UK“Jay-Z  Why He’s  The CEO Of Cool”, and TV/radio personality Jonathan Ross has written an article about the rapper.

The British mainstream media’s obsession with Jay is just nauseating!

You have BBC Radio personality Jo Whiley who I always associate with the Indie Rock scene,  fawning, cooing and wetting herself over Jay and now Jonathan’s his biggest fan.

To some Jay-Z is now the acceptable face of Hip Hop.

The entire Esquire feature including Jonathan’s piece is arse licking at it’s finest!

When talking about Jay the Esquire writer uses words like “extraordinary”, “memorable”, “distinguished”, “maturing gracefully”,  ” unique”,  “remarkable”, and my personal favourite ” the greatest rapper ever to pick up the microphone”.

And check out excerpt from Jonathan Ross’ article…

Jay’s been on my show a few times and I’ve always thought he’s a smart, reserved and cool kind of guy, but cool in a way that comes from knowing your worth and your ability, rather than cool that comes from just thinking you’re cool. He’s someone who knows his worth based on his talent, rather than just having had a few hits and made a bit of money.

The first time I met him I didn’t realise he was Mr Beyonce, which is interesting because, in most cases when someone has such a mainstream artist partner, you’d be aware of it. I don’t know if it’s deliberate , but it’s clear his career isn’t about her.

Musically I think he has brilliant arranging skills. The way he puts different words , sounds and textures together is anything but straightforward and more complex than it appears.

Although the message is different, its a bit like the first time I heard Public Enemy. There’s clearly an intelligence at work in his lyrics (and I like  “the beats”, as the kids say).

’99 problems’ sums up that deceptive simplicity he has. It sounds like an almost asinine statement, but it works perfectly in the rhyme that’s repeated.  Whether  you want to take it on face value or whether you want to take it as someone who’s being boastful. It’s like a movie pitch in one line.

Although the message is different, it’s bit like the first time I heard Public Enemy.

Oh please Jonathan! Public Enemy?


Musically I think he has brilliant arranging skills. The way he puts different words , sounds and textures together is anything but straightforward and more complex than it appears.

*Rolls eyes”. Like Jay’s some sort of a Hip Hop genius. Like he’s the first to do this.

Erm… Jonathan luv ever heard of Rakim??? No? YouTube him!

I am willing to bet that Jonathan didn’t even know who Jay-Z was before the Glastonbury gig in the summer of 2008 and probably listened to his entire back catalogue for the very first time last week.

The same can be said for the majority of folk working within the realms of the British mainstream press/entertainment.  They have never been interested in the Hip Hop genre (unless it involves some form of negativity), and are all just jumping on the mighty J-Hova bandwagon. Why? Because he’s married to Beyonce and rolls with Chris Martin, ‘flagrant’ Gwyneth, Bono and the men who hide amongst the shadows.

Now please pass me the sick bucket.


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