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January 16, 2010 3 comments

Russell Simmons

Tiger Woods

Several days ago the ultra annoying Russell Simmons EXCITEDLY tweeted to the world that “disgraced” golfer Tiger Woods was planning on donating aid to Haiti.  Click HERE to read all about it if you missed it.

Well it now appears that Mr Know It All Simmons got it oh so wrong!


Tiger’s people say they are still evaluating the best way to help, but that didn’t stop Russell from committing Tiger to something he hasn’t committed to yet.Tiger’s camp says they plan to be a part of the relief effort, they are just considering their options.
 “Yesterday, I tweeted that Tiger Woods was contributing in a major way. My source for the tweet was premature, however, I strongly and passionately urge everyone with reach and means to act NOW as speed is everything to saving the lives of people in desperate need.”


I personally don’t think Tiger had any intention of donating aid to Haiti, well at least not out of the goodness of his heart.  It would have just been a good PR move.
Tiger’s camp says they plan to be a part of the relief effort, they are just considering their options.
Oh please STOP!  Who do they think they are kidding??? Like Tiger even cares about Haiti or the plight of black people living in poor nations.
And Russell we don’t need you to tell us how important it is to reach out to Haiti . We already know that thank you very much!
So do us all a favour and keep your mouth shut in future (if that’s even possible).
For those of you who wish to donate aid to Haiti click HERE to donate.
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January 16, 2010 17 comments

Leona Lewis


Delusional shopworker Sasha Gordon is currently having a tough time of it, because she believes she looks like singer Leona Lewis and says “It’s ruining me”. 

 A “distressed” Sasha has now decided to tell her story to The Mail Online.

Via The Mail Online

When Leona Lewis won the X Factor, it meant that life would never be the same again. Not just for her, but for Sasha Gordon too.

Sasha, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the chart-topping star, finds herself mobbed and pestered for autographs whenever she goes out in public.

She has split up from her boyfriend of five years and says she is finding it impossible to get a job because employers think her looks would be a distraction.

In desperation, the 22-year-old former assistant shop manager has even considered plastic surgery to become less of a lookalike. ‘My family are all heartbroken about the way my life has turned out,’ she said.  Continue Reading….

In my opinion Sasha you look NOTHING like Leona, but I suspect that you already know that.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that you have made up this ridiculous story to generate some attention and to gain “lookalike work”.

Anyone who actually meets Sasha and believes she’s Leona Lewis should book an appointment to see a reputable eye specialist ASAP!!!!  

You probably have cataracts…..

I don’t even know why the Mail chose to entertain Sasha and her foolishness.


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