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November 18, 2009 17 comments

They cannot be serious……

Spotted @ C&D


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There are no words……


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November 18, 2009 17 comments

If you’re not familiar with this story then click here to read all about the shambles that was the Miss Black Britain beauty pageant, and please take time to read the comments left by contestants, sponsors and members of the public.

American actress Nia Long was also present at the event (she was supposed to be hosting it) but walked out in disgust an hour later.


A reader has now kindly forwarded on the email that he received from the organisers, which attempts to explain Saturday’s shenanigans.

[Thanks Frank].    

Hello All,

Saturday evening was a very stressful evening for all members of the Miss BB Team.

Having no access to the venue for everyone due to the Lords mayors show impacted the entire event. The artist were  unable to get in to complete their sound checks on schedule this applies to the dancers, the sound engineers, the makeup , hair team, support staff, the live band , the hosts for rehearsals in the day the list goes on etc ,  CARS WERE UNABLE TO ACCESS THE BUILDING . With this in mind food and drinks for you guys could not be delivered and other crucial things that we needed to be delivered. We could not have changed this and had to deal with this the best possible way we could. This had huge implications on our months of endless planning and efforts.

Due to the ‘playing catch up’ we did not get to give you girls the rehearsal time that we would usually allocated.

All have you have attended the heats and the castings for Miss Black Britain and there is no doubt that our standards are a fully professional, these were very unfortunate circumstances for us.

We apologies for the lack of preparation time but this was out of our hands due to issues explained above.

We wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Thank you participating in the competition

Miss BB Team



November 18, 2009 6 comments

The father of the 13-year-old boy who accused the late Michael Jackson of sexually molesting him in 1993 was found dead in his home earlier this month.

Evan Chandler, father of Jordy Chandler, apparently committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

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Now what could have  possibly pushed him to take his own life?


November 18, 2009 9 comments

Antoinette Davis (left), her daughter Shaniya (centre) and Mario McNeill

Via The Metro

A missing five-year-old girl suspected of being prostituted by her mother has been found dead.

The body of Shaniya Davis was found in woods 65km (40 miles) from her home following a five-day search by police and volunteers.

Officers arrested Antoinette Davis shortly after her daughter’s remains were found on Monday and accused her of pimping her child.

The 25-year-old appeared in court charged with human trafficking and child abuse. She did not enter a plea. Continue Reading….

I have been following this story and hoped that they would find Shaniya alive.

Pure evil! I hope the individuals responsible for Shaniya’s death are all sentenced to death.

Click here to read more about this case…..

Rest In Peace Shaniya Davis.


November 18, 2009 72 comments


The Miss Black Britain beauty pageant took place over the weekend in London, and my sources tell me that it was a complete and utter shambles.

I’ve been told that the event started 2 hours late, that the night’s host American actress Nia Long walked out in the middle of proceedings and UK artist Young Nate who had been invited to perform was asked to leave the building.

Those who were in attendance also had this to say:

Via Facebook Forum 

Tantastic Sam - My group and I paid over £1100 for our supposedly VIP tickets. We were told we would get a champagne reception, canapes and front row seats. We were sitting at the back! No champagne and couldnt even buy ourselves a drink after the interval. What an absolute embarrassment. As a young black woman, I was really up for supporting our own but instead I got robbed by our own! When I tried to complain, I was told that the organisers did not want to talk to us and had then left the building! Better they would have charged everyone £35 and done. I will be going to the papers, the radio and the BBC if I do not get a response and a refund from someone soon.

 Ala RaneyThe organiser of this competition did not even have the decency to thank the other contestants who took part, instead she walked past them. The show was two hours late, Nia Long did not look impressed, and to be honest this competition took advantage of young women and was just a money making scam. 50 girls in the final each paying £200 sponser fee which to me sounds like they just needed enough girls to pay for Nia Longs fee.

Zoe Briggs – This whole competition is an absolute piece of rubbish. I am thankful to God for allowing me to be in this competition however I am highly unimpressed with the way the whole compettion was organised. WE Contestants were made to wait in the reception for at least two hours, and the organiser did not arrive until much later in the day. However it was blamed on the fact that there were train delays, which is totally understandable but how on earth did we then manage to get there before the organiser herself? She came and just casually said ‘Oh did you guys get delayed as well’?

We didn’t get anything to eat, instead we had to contribute £3.00 if we wanted KFC. So if we didn’t contribute £3.00 we couldnt eat. We didn’t rehearse till the last 45 mins so everything was chaotic. So much pressure was put on us girls to find sponsors not knowing it wasn’t even that necessary when some people were allowed to not have sponsors just because they couldn’t find one. To make maters worst the sponsor had to pay £200.00. Texting cost £1.00. It was said that the five girls with the highest number of votes would be fast tracked to the final round. I wonder when and how that was counted/organised to come to a final decision. People were made to wait outside including my pregnant aunty. The whole thing was disorganised from start to finish.

Tara Nelson – This is going in to the newspapers,  TV, Yahoo Group. MISS BLACK BRITAIN Has done this before. and this time was REALLY BAD the worst one!! WRONG MOVE this TIME. MISS BB is OVER. ”ALL I’M SAYING EVERYONE WILL GET THEIR MONEY BACK” in a legal WAY… PROMISE!

The organiser should be ashamed of herself!

But the sad thing is none of this surprises me…..

We need to do better people!!!! 

Who won this year?


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