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Check out the video for Jay-Z’s new single Empire State Of Mind featuring Alicia Keys.

Via Gyant Unplugged

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Naomi Campbell

TalentHouse launched on the 27th October 2009 and is a platform for creative collaboration, providing artists opportunities for recognition and compensation.

Talenthouse currently focuses on film, fashion, music, art and photography. Many global brands and acclaimed industry icons are involved with Talenthouse by hosting Creative Invites.

Creative Invites are where an artist or brand invites the TalentHouse community to collaborate on a professional piece of work.

Beats by Dr. Dre, Naomi Campbell, Nokia and Adidas are among the Creative Invites with the aim to discover new talent, design new products and create original content. They are other major artists and brands who have embraced the Talenthouse vision to enable emerging artists from all disciplines around the world to secure recognition and compensation.
Here is some more information on Naomi Campbell’s and Dr Dre’s Creative Invites:

Naomi Campbell, the internationally renowned supermodel, has created two “Creative Invites” exclusive to the Talenthouse community.  The first challenge is to find the next international fashion photographer. The second challenge Naomi Campbell has set is to discover the next international fashion model, female or male. The two winners from both categories will have the opportunity to work with a major fashion magazine.
Dr Dre,the legendary music producer, has teamed up with Talenthouse to find the next promotional video for his successful Beats by Dr Dre headphones. This invite is open to all aspiring video/film makers interested in creating an artistic, hip and edgy 30-60 second video clip that reflects the Beats by Dre overall mission that “sound matters.”

If you are interested in being a part of this project then log onto to participate in the Creative Invites.

You can also set up your own creative invite on Talent House if you’re looking for a creative collaboration yourself. e.g. if you’re looking for a graphic designer to make a new logo for your blog.


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Via Sky Sports News

Wigan striker Wigan striker Marlon King has been jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of a nightclub attack on a young woman.

King, who was celebrating both his wife’s pregnancy and scoring a winning goal hours earlier, was repeatedly “cold-shouldered” by women revellers in London’s packed Soho Revue Bar last December.

When a slightly-built university student became the latest to recoil from his touch, he lost his temper and in an outburst of “completely gratuitous violence” lashed out, “smashing” her to the floor.

Well that’s Marlon’s football career flushed down the toilet!

With three children and a wife to support I just hope he had enough good sense to save some money.


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No surprises here!

Via BBC News

Two cinema chains say, on police advice, they will not show a film about gang culture made in Birmingham.

1DAY follows the violent life of two inner city gangs and was filmed in the Handsworth area, starring local people.

Odeon and Cineworld said they would not show the movie, due for national release on 6 November, in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police said the force had not asked for the film to be pulled but it was investigating whether an officer had approached cinemas independently. Continue Reading…….

When I watched the trailer for 1 Day I just knew there would be a problem.

I guess if you live in Birmingham and desperately want to see this film, then you will have to travel to another city in the UK to watch it.

At the moment it’s only been banned in Birmingham but then again how long before it’s banned all over the UK?

Anyway 1 Day will be released in other cities around the UK on Friday 6th November. 

Click here to watch trailer.

Gang violence in Birmingham has escalated over the past 5 years, so do you think the police are right to censor this film there?


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