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October 14, 2009 5 comments

Robbie Williams on The X-Factor this past weekend

Those of you who tuned in to the X-Factor this past weekend will have seen Robbie Williams’ perform his new single Bodies and then laughed out loud!

Robbie who looked like a man possessed, has now blogged about his poor performance on the show and has the nerve to blame a door…

Via Holy Moly

“I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was going to be… until the friggin sliding door wouldn’t open.I don’t know if you saw but I had to wedge it open myself. That wasn’t part of the show that was pure brute strength.

“So there’s a bad start. I had a whole pose planned and what not. But that went out of the window.”

“Then the mouth opened and by the grace of the big man himself the right words fell out… Oh praise be! I’m in!

“So pleased… I think the boy’s back.”

It has now become clear that his various stints in rehab have been a waste of time and money.  The man was completely off his face on Sunday night.

All those years of bad mouthing your former band mates (especially the jibes directed towards a down on his luck (at the time) Gary Barlow) while your solo career sky rocketed. All those years Robbie…. and now look at you.

Your last album FLOPPED spectacularly in 2004, you’re now practically begging to reunite with your former band mates in Take That who are on FIRE right now, and Alexandra Burke’s single Bad Boys is currently out selling your comeback single Bodies.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

You are so OVER!  

Click here to watch Robbie’s X-Factor performance

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October 14, 2009 50 comments

Host June Sapong

Via Digital Spy

Psychic medium Derek Acorah will attempt to contact Michael Jackson in a live séance on Sky1.

Two newly commissioned shows, Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit, will air in November.

June Sarpong will host the events, which aim to give fans “a final chance to connect with their hero”. The séance will apparently take place at a secret location which was once inhabited by the ‘Thriller’ popstar. Continue Reading

What in Obeah/Juju HELL is going on here???

Sky 1 is this how low you will stoop to generate ratings???

And as for you June Sapong - you should know better!

I cannot believe she agreed to host this madness.

Just leave the man alone to rest in peace!


October 14, 2009 4 comments


The young and talented Londoner VV Brown graces the cover of Nang! magazine. In this edition she talks about how important it is to be a good person, boys, music and fashion.

There’s also an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Comedian/Actor Jason Lewis best known for his ‘Too many weave’ sketch, Rupert Everrett, the rising stars of Youtube (including Maleka best known for her funk house track ‘Go’). Also interviews with Kyla and Killa Kela plus a brand new section called ‘We heart these’; which showcases the best of what to wear this Autumn. In addition, loads of reviews on books, movies and music.


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