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August 31, 2008 18 comments

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Every time I watch a film that is based in the UK, features British actors,  but is then financed by Hollywood and ultimately geared towards an American audience I cringe.

The characters always seem to be upper class individuals, who speak in cut glass English accents, and drink tea and eat scones all day.  

I don’t recognise the Britain that is being portrayed on the big screen. A classic example of this has to be the film ‘Notting Hill’ starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. What a JOKE!!! Richard Curtis you deserve a slap!

Anyway check out this article I found today which breaks down through words and pictures Hollywood’s seriously misguided idea of Britain ….

If Hollywood was to make a film with Brixton, Hackney, Tottenham, or Peckham as it’s back drop, I dread to think what their interpretation would look and sound like……

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August 31, 2008 6 comments

The organisers of a French music concert are threatening legal action after headliner Amy Winehouse pulled out on Friday with just hours to go.

Winehouse failed to travel to the three-day Rock En Seine festival in Paris where the line-up included the Raconteurs, The Streets and Kate Nash.

The 24-year-old singer was said to have been taken ill at her London home.

Rock En Seine said there was “no explanation of the exact reasons for her absence”. Continue Reading…

It serves the organisers right! Why book Amy Winehouse as the headliner??? why book Amy at all???

I don’t understand why concert organisers here and overseas, insist on booking this car crash. WTF????

This wotless woman is a hard core drug abuser, who as far as I am concerned isn’t interested in “getting clean”. She is unreliable, an attention seeker, and when Amy does perform she is clearly off her face on drugs/alcohol.

Still they keep throwing gigs and money at what some might deem as this circus freak show.

Perhaps that’s why they do it. They know that people will pay just to see Amy acting the fool, sounding off key, and looking like she’s just been dragged through cactus.   


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