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August 15, 2008 7 comments

DJ Vlad after beat down

DJ Vlad filed a $4 million dollar lawsuit against Rick Ross in Federal Court in New York on Friday (August 15), claiming that the Miami MC orchestrated a “brutal attack” on Vlad (born Vlad Lyubovny) at the Ozone Awards in Houston last Sunday.

According to a press release from Vlad’s attorney, Brian Caplan, the assault and battery lawsuit against Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) alleges that “Rick Ross orchestrated a brutal attack upon DJ Vlad, carried out at his direction by his accomplices, in retribution for media coverage of Rick Ross’ prior life as a correctional officer.”

Among the injuries alleged to have been suffered by Vlad in the attack are a cut that required seven stitches below one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage. The suit is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages.

Vlad’s YouTube channel, Vlad TV, recently featured an interview with the Clipse in which they discussed the controversy over recent claims about Ross’ alleged former life as a corrections officer, which Ross has denied. It also linked to a widely distributed interview with incarcerated drug dealer “Freeway” Ricky Ross — whose name the rapper appropriated as a stage identity — in which Ricky Ross makes light of the MC; the link to the that interview has since been removed.

According to the suit, Vlad received a text message from Ross on the afternoon of the Ozone Awards that read, “N—– will learn … trillaaaa.” Vlad had interviewed Ross twice before, which is allegedly how the MC obtained Vlad’s phone number. After the DJ inquired about who the text was from, Ross allegedly responded, “Ross … I’m hearing things.” Continue Reading….

If this incident did actually go down then not only is Rick Ross a liar, he is also a weak fat doo doo. He couldn’t deal with the situation himself, one on one, so he gets his goons to do his dirty work for him. 

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August 15, 2008 4 comments


Well Brandy has been away from the music scene, for it seems an eternity, but is now back with the new single ‘Right Here (Departed)’ produced by Rodney Jerkins and lifted from her fifth studio album.


Does Brandy still have a place in today’s fickle music scene? Will she be able to compete with the Cassie’s (LOL!!!), the Rhianna’s and the Beyonce’s?

Your thoughts please?


August 15, 2008 6 comments

(Left to right) 18-year-old quadruplets Tobi, Tayo, Tolu, and Tosin, who are all members of the Oke family. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA Wire

A-level results are being hit by sibling inflation as the number of photogenic twins gaining top grades and places at the same university rose again for the 17th year in a row.

And 2008 saw the usual twins being trumped by the appearance of the Oke quadruplets – Tolu, Tayo, Tobi and Tosin – who achieved A and B grades at the St Francis Xavier sixth form college in Clapham, south-west London.

The 18-year-olds from Woolwich secured places at Manchester, Goldsmiths, Queen Mary University of London and Cambridge.

“Our mum really encouraged us from as early as year six and prepared us from a young age to take control of our own learning,” said Tayo. Contunue Reading….

Congratulations Tayo, Tobu, Tosin, and Tou!!!

Now this is what I like to see!!!



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